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Ethereum Classic (ETC) on ECIP-1099 Merged into Hyperledger Besu

October 12, 2020 Off By Maheen Hernandez

Recently, ETC participants gathered to discuss the proposed mining algorithm change and to share their feedback for and against this ECIP.

Someone clarified by stating, there are only 2 clients out there for EthereumClassic Core-geth Besu if you have anything else, you NEED to upgrade.

ETC Cooperative previously stated, Besu will soon implement MESS (Modified Exponential Subjective Scoring) to prevent large chain reorganizations on the Ethereum Classic network. Anyone who had anything other than these had to upgrade.  Migrating to Hyper Ledger Besu was the option.

Also, ChainSafeth were working to implement MESS (Modified Exponential Subjective Scoring), a reorg mitigation, and ECIP-1099 “DAG Recalibration” into Besu. They have been reinstating on how to Migrate to Hyperledger Besu with a help article that led to “How to Switch from OpenEthereum or Multi-Geth.”

ETC Cooperative tweeted:  We are happy to announce ECIP-1099 “Epoch Duration Calibration” was merged into @Hyperledger Besu and will soon begin testing on Mordor. Also, ECBP-1100 “MESS” will no longer be implemented into Besu. Many thanks to ChainSafeth for their contributions!”

Many users did not understand what this tweet meant and they were looking for more information to understand this. Those who understood expressed their feelings stating, hello, good news. In which block would this ECIP be applied?

Sydney Ifergan, the crypto expert tweeted:  “Ethereum Classic (ETC) are trying to sustain their own protocol and code identity.  It is not about ECIP-1099 and Hyperledger Besu merging.”

These updates allow IOHK Devs to go over last week’s work & plans for the next week to hit their Nov deadline. Nearly done: Treasury support Full client in progress: Checkpointing Mantis Testnet Luna wallet.

Ethereum Classic (ETC) MESS Adoption

In the past Ethereum Classic tweeted:  “If MESS is adopted by the honest majority of #EthereumClassic nodes, it would raise chain state finality near-exponentially with negligible risk of network bifurcation. Agreeing To Disagree: Proposing a Weakly-Subjective Finality Solution.”

Vitalik in response stated excited to see ETC adopting weakly subjective fork choice rules to protect the immutability of transactions from being broken by 51% attacks.

In response some of the commentators stated, Imagine taking ETC that seriously. We need a crypto for the new normal.

There were also opinions doing the rounds that VC backing or a treasury solution still seem essential in order to fund development at this point in time. Further stated that if ETC was new on the scene the story is different.

With all that happening the current development is at “ECIP-1099 “Epoch Duration Calibration” was merged into @Hyperledger Besu”