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Stellar Development Fund (SDF) At it Again: 20,000 XLM Rewards for Stellar Quest

October 13, 2020 Off By Ayobami Abiola

Stellar continues in its mission to reach the world with the good news about its protocol as it announced the launch of Stellar Quest. Stellar Quest is an initiative by Stellar protocol to educate the world about cryptocurrency while they are incentivized to do so. Winners will share a pool of 20,000 XLM from Stellar Development Fund (SDF). 

On October 12th, Tyler van der Hoeven tweeted:

“Good morning friends! Who’s ready for #StellarQuest!? Challenge 1 unlocks in 30 minutes with a prize pot of 2,500 XLM split between the first 28 fast finishers. The clout badge will also be paid out to anyone who completes it over the course of the series.”

The first quest was to create a brand new stellar account and fund it with 1000 testnet XLM using the test net tools. Contestants are provided with links to relevant documents containing tutorials on how to use the laboratory. Users who want to learn by interacting with the tool can go ahead and do trials by error. Wrong amount deposit of the testnet XLM results in an error. To remedy this, contestants will have to merge accounts by transferring all test funds in their quest wallet to another wallet. This can be achieved by building a merge account transaction from the build transaction option on the laboratory website. After, creation of the new stellar wallet by funding with the 1000 XLM can be retried.

Users can check if the quest has been completed and receive rewards if they are part of the first few who completed it early. People who find it too hard may give up by clicking the option to reveal the answer. 

Though the first quest might look very hard for anyone new to the tool, there is a feeling of satisfaction at the end of the day when the quest is completed. Users who get the quest on their own have successfully educated themselves on how to create and fund a stellar account. For those who failed and retried- an even greater experience and education on how to merge accounts. 

Contestants who completed the first challenge early are credited with 50 XLM and a badge each with their accounts. 

The next quest has been scheduled for Saturday, October 17th at 2 AM WAT. Contestants are advised to follow Tyler van der Hoeven on twitter to follow updates. 

Stellar is pushing its protocol and product in every direction with great user experience, education, and rewards. Stellar Quest seems to be only the beginning of a long journey into community engagement for stellar. 

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