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BitTorrent (BTT) as Unapologetically Peerless and Pioneer in Decentralization

October 15, 2020 Off By Maheen Hernandez

The Latest Announcement of Announcement from Justin Sun was about BitTorrent as arguably the most disruptive tech in the brief history of data itself and changed the internet since its start. It’s fitting that for so long, the face of #P2P technology, #BTT, has been unapologetically peerless.

Justin Sun further stated that an argument can be made that BitTorrent is to decentralized storage, what Bitcoin is to Finance.  He further clarified stating that BTT is the BTC of decentralized storage.  He cited 4 reasons to explore how BTT might be the BTC of data.

Reason #1:  BitTorrent is the pioneer of decentralization. Further, Satoshi cited BTT as an example of a P2P network, which might give a digital currency true value. Lessons of BTT gave life to BTC’s value.

Reason #2. Fragmented competitors never threaten its infrastructure. Just like BTC, BTT changed the world with its immediate, large data transfer capabilities, adopted immediately by companies like Blizzard Ent, Facebook, and Twitter. 

BitTorrent’s P2P tech in introduced an unquenchable thirst for convenience during the data stone age. BTT introduced the ability to attain anything from our peer’s on-demand.  P2P creates nearly unlimited resources at our fingertips for FREE.

Reason #3: BitTorrent is on the right side of history.  Just like BTC, BTT led the ideology of decentralization.  Several of them credit Uber and Airbnb for implementing the BTT’s decentralized ingenuity.  BTT freed data and united everyone on the internet.  Everyone is equal on BTT.

Sydney Ifergan, the crypto expert tweeted:  “BitTorrent (BTT) is the favorite of content creators who are making use of BitTorrent to distribute their work directly.”

BitTorrent (BTT) Immutability

Justin Stated on how we all share futures we want to protect. BTT’s immutability protects us from losing its power for everyone’s sake. The distributed architecture of the community and tech behind and that BitTorrent made it imperturbable. This is the same power we appreciate so much about BTC.

Reason 4:  BTT breaks the rules of data sharing.  BTC are doing this for value sharing.  Today, they often highlight the differences between us as humans.  BTT transcends the superficial and awakens us to commonality that all people share as human beings.

By Focusing undeviatingly on sharing, BTT breaks the rules of caste systems, class-welfare, socio-economic structure etc.  For our human right to share data freely.  We should be awe about how BTC and BTT exist to equalize knowledge and wealth despite the action of oppressors.

Justin Sun also stated, there’s nothing like opening up a brand new laptop. I mean, setting it up is like moving into a new apartment; you’ve got space and a new identity to assume. You create your username. Look for an internet connection.

Sun also pointed to how over 2 billion devices have watched a human on the other side perform this exact process. Making use of BTT feels like fighting the power. BitTorrent is as disruptive decentralized storage as Uber was to taxi drivers, BTT and BTC for decentralized storage.