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DigiByte (DGB) Paving Way for a Boom In the Cryptocurrency Space

October 15, 2020 Off By Maheen Hernandez

Jared Tate of DigiByte (DGB) recently stated,Money is cool. But it is not the blockchain use case that gets me excited.  Protecting all our data and privacy well into the future is what drives me now. We must secure our digital lives.

Interestingly, when recently talking about LTC on their Birthday, Jared Tate stated, Happy birthday to the Litecoin Blockchain & the LTC family! DigiByte has always had a great older UTXO brother to learn from.

There was a remarkable mention as to how corporate FOMO is beginning to take hold in the cryptocurrency space.  Governments will be able to hop on non-inflationary hard capped crypto wave.

Sydney Ifergan, the crypto expert tweeted:  “DigiByte (DGB) is now powering lot of products are making it to the market.  They are paving way for a Boom”

Rudy Bouwman,Secretary & Vice Chairman DigiByte Foundation tweeted:  “A total solution is in the works and called @SoyyoID, powered by #DigiByte blockchain, thanks to Softtech and @ANTUMID.”

A lot of crypto education is getting done and people are beginning to realize the potential and benefits of cryptocurrency and decentralized processes.  Financial access is a necessity and it is made possible by real-time awareness by education by the DGB community.

DigiByte (DGB) Significant Amount of Pre-Mined Coins

It needs no restatement on how DigiByte (DGB) has never been funded through an ICO or significant amount of pre-mined coins. There is no CEO or a company controlling DigiByte blockchain. It is completely a volunteer based and community driven project.

While this is the news that has been around for years, it is important to reinstate this for the Newbies. However, when someone asked in the community about why the term “significant amount of pre-mined coins” has been used, the clarification that was provided was that within the first 30 days, there was a giveaway of a tiny DigiByte pre-mine (0.5%) to community members.

This was to incentivize full node downloads and to distribute the blockchain. Interestingly, neither the founder nor the developers retained any of the pre-mine.

There is a widespread curiosity about making use of DigiByte as a payment system. Some merchants have been inquiring as you how can it be made possible to have only DigiByte as a payment system.

The clarification was that it takes large number of people to experience blockchain and understand the kind of benefits it can provide them with before they can naturally and wholeheartedly embraced.

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