Research and Market Strategy Firm Adds BTC As Payment Method

By Steven Anderson August 29, 2018 Off

Fundstrat Global Advisors, a renowned market strategy and research company, recently announced that the company will begin accepting BTC or Bitcoin for content through Bitpay, this is according to a press released published today.

In what this firm claims is a first for research companies, Fundstrat Global Advisors has added BTC payments to its platform by means of BitPay, a renowned payment operator, which processed more than USD1 billion in BTC payments last 2017.

According to the news, the latest features will enable institutional investors and traders, as well as economic experts, high net worth people and other entities to make use of BTC to buy access to Funstrat Global Advisors reports on diverse financial sectors.

According to Sonny High, Chief Commercial Officer of BitPay, the addition of BTC as a mode of payment for Funstrat will allow an international client base from various continents such as Latin America, Africa and Asia which has been almost impossible before to access the content of the company.

A few weeks ago, BitPay was certified and granted a BitLicense by financial regulator in the New York City that allows international crypto payments operator to do trade with clients in the state, allowing them to utilize Bitcoin Cash or BCH and Bitcoin as well for purchases all over the world.

Tom Lee, head of research and the co-founder of Funstrat Global Advisor noted that accepting payments in Bitcoin by means of BitPay will make the entire process considerably faster, less expensive as well as easier.

A few days ago, Tom Lee reiterated his position that BTC can reach to anywhere between USD22, 000 to YSD25, 000 by the end of the year, he clarified that his current prediction is not a bearish impede from his past forecast of USD25,000. Earlier this summer, 27th of June, the head of Technical Research of the company forecasted that the Bitcoin downtrend which happened many weeks ago, would be changed once this crypto currency can push through a resistance point of USD6, 300 up to USD6, and 400. The company also released a 3 month price chart of BTC to determine the precise price index of this renowned digital asset.

BTC, which broke USD8, 000 level a few days ago and reached USD8, 483 last 25th of July is trading at USD7, 555 at present time. BTC lost about 7.5% over the week, this is according to latest BTC price index.