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Blockchain at the Brink of World Adoption: Stellar (XLM), Xinfin (XDC), and Covalent with ‘No Code’ Solutions to Welcome Newbies

November 14, 2020 Off By Ayobami Abiola

With the way Blockchain technology is gaining speedy adoption and visibility from governments, big companies, and corporations from all over the world, a new wave of possibilities are upon us. We earlier reported how the second largest bank in the world started selling Bonds for BTC. It has long been coming, now blockchain technology at the brink of a massive breakout that will set it at the core of the world we’ll live in. When that time comes, will the blockchain be ready?

Over the years blockchain technology has been seen as a haven for gamers and developers. Because 9f its complexity, the tech scares many away. Of a truth, developers still stand at the core of the ecosystem, they have been working to usher other sets of people in. Different blockchain projects have built and are building solutions to help non-developers interact with the tech easily by providing a ‘no-code’ interphase. This article highlights three of such specific and productive efforts.

Stellar (XLM)

From its inception, the Stellar developers have been keen on making blockchain available and useful to everyone. They had the unbanked at the back of their mind and they have developed and are in the process of developing their ecosystem in such a way as to make remittances as easy as emails.

Stellar developers have proposed a wide variety of protocol updates that will attract new people to use Stellar. An example is sponsored reserves and key management. Sponsored reserves allow onboarding developers to sponsor the transaction fee and trust line setting up for new accounts. This means developers don’t have to go through the rigor of teaching newbies how to trade XLM on exchanges and how to trust their assets before they can use it. Key management allows users to have recovery for their private keys.

Stellar Development Fund recently concluded the first season of its Stellar Quest. The quest helps the world to see a unique tool built by them as a ‘no-code’ solution- Stellar Laboratory. The tool allows anyone to interact with the Stellar blockchain directly to create assets, set payment pathways, add trust lines, add multi-sig, etc. Just by filling forms, anyone can use the tool to do almost anything on stellar.

Xinfin (XDC)

Xinfin is a hybrid blockchain built to enhance the world 9f trade financing. From the first look at its vision, one will understand that it is built from the onset with a vision to onboard governments, companies, and individuals who might not have had any contact with blockchain technology before. This was why its developers built early. allows anyone to create Ethereum-based assets namely ERC-20 and ERC-223 (security tokens) and XDC based tokens too. Just by filing forms, you can decide the behavior of an asset or token.

For enterprises, the creation of bonds, tokenization of eBoL has never been easier.


Covalent focuses on helping individuals and blockchain projects index their blockchain data to allow in-depth filters that are not available before. It allows developers to use their API so they can focus their attention on other aspects of their apps instead of worrying about how to manipulate data sets on the blockchain to suit their purpose. Projects that have used their APIs allow users to keep track of their DeFi holdings and notify them when their standings need attention. Their work eases research and developments.

Ayobami Abiola, a researcher, crypto writer, and enthusiast opined in a tweet:

“#Data is life. Everyone produces data. But these data aren’t reasonable when you can’t index them to give you a picture of how you are performing. When it comes to financial data like #Blockchain trxs indexing becomes the key to sucess. @Covalent_HQ has done sth interesting”

When blockchain gains its grounds we believe tools like these will be at the forefront to usher people in.

Do you have another list of “no-code” blockchain solutions you want us to report? Hit us a DM on Twitter @thecurrencyA or via the comment section.

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