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Shark TRON Investors Crying and Weeping Due to Whitelisted JustSwap Project

November 14, 2020 Off By TCA PR

Several TRX investors trusted the Whitelisted JustSwap Projects from Just Foundation. They are all disappointed and crying in agony.

Someone tweeted:  “Thank you Tronfoundation! Since you froze the criminal’s account. Can you look at SharkDeFi smart contract TCoCR2oDhL3ghKsRgrKdGWPNt8rVRUwpiW to see all investors and return their TRX back to them?”

While many hope Justin Sun will provide a solution.  It is obvious, that Justin Sun will escape responsibility citing the following clauses: 

“However, please note the whitelist does not serve as investment advice or official endorsement for any project; it only shows verified project tokens that have submitted all necessary documentation for listing. Investors are advised to research and carefully consider risks before making investments of any kind.”

Sydney Ifergan, the crypto expert tweeted:  “Justin Sun of TRON endorses projects only when they have a stake.  They question is how much they have got from this Shark Project.”

Regarding the shark incident, investors have contacted Binance and worked together on chasing down the funds and people behind this. A portion of the funds have been frozen on Binance.

Some of the victims, are looking to file a police report to work with law enforcement to seek recovery.  However, some of them have reported how the police have laughed at the investors.

TRON Foundation (TRX) Losing Credibility

Investors are losing trust in the credibility of Tron.  Binance, Shark_Tron, JustinSunTron are Scamming the Community everyday with project similar to shark like Liberti Finance, Shark_ TRON, lion Tron, Eagle DeFi.”

People have worked very hard to get the money they invested in the Shark project.  All the losers are waiting for the return of their capital.  How and when frozen funds can be allocated to victims? 

Some are very optimistic and still believe in Justin Sun.  They have to state, whatever you guys have done a big thank you to Justin Sun Tron, Tron Foundation, for looking into the matter along with Binance. Let’s get those scammers together. 

However, common sense states that this should be of a HUGE RED FLAG for anyone with a bit of common sense.  Also, it is likely to be great, if you could read the smart contracts of the scam pages and refund all addresses based on the invested percentage from the frozen balance on the exchanges.

Users are crying and weeping:  Please give back our TRX I lost 50 k Tron on shark. Some say they have lost 357500 TRX.  Different users have lost small and big sums.  Some of them have staked their entire assets in the shark project.  They have lost a lot of capital in this token extraction project.  And money still stuck!

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