Ripple XRP Cross Border Payments

Ripple (XRP) Towards Faster, Cheaper, More Transparent and Inclusive Cross-Border Payments System

November 19, 2020 Off By Steven Anderson

Ripple (XRP) is very clear that mainstream adoption of cryptocurrency by major financial institutions is due to lack of regulatory clarity.  The industry is still being guarded by blockchain advocates and fintech startups.

At Swell 2020, Peter Kersten stated, “Regulated financial instruments tend to attract regulated financial institutions. The lack of a regulatory framework is, in my view, one of the reasons why we haven’t seen a further development of this.”

Africa is reportedly making progress in the regulation process.  Experts have to state that identifying how the cryptocurrency fits with the already existing financial legislation is extremely challenging. Most of the regulatory processes are looking at a central issuer, which is absent in the issuance of crypto assets.  It is important for regulators to come up with new categories of money issuers.  Until something like that happens, regulators are going to see it is hard to get things working.

Pointing to regulation, Sydney Ifergan, the crypto expert tweeted:  “Ripple (XRP) being keen about regulation is practical. Also, financial regulation should be effective, inexpensive, and easy for compliance.”

Cryptocurrencies are understandable products, they are not a myth anymore.  However, regulation for a decentralized product is getting a frown.  Privacy advocates don’t see that there is a way to regulate crypto without cracking down and doing away with the privacy factor.

Jo Ann Barefoot, CEO of AIR stated, “Regulation innovation cannot be an oxymoron.”

Ripple (XRP) Regulatory and Supervisory Oversight

Small business payments need some good payment options to perform business efficiently with clients overseas.

Cross-border payments project “high costs, low speed, limited access and insufficient transparency.”

Ripple are well aware that without coordinating regulatory and supervisory oversight it is not possible for them to improve the cross-border payments infrastructure. It is possible for Ripple to facilitate cross-border payments that are faster, cheaper, and more transparent and inclusive.

For things beyond their control, Ripple obviously get ridiculed by the investors. Traditional market investors, and investment professionals have their unique perspectives in the different aspects of the rapidly-growing digital asset ecosystem.  We need to accept that Ripple is an industry heavy weight and if there was an option they would make it even better, they are sure facing regulatory hurdles.

Despite all there is no doubting about the growth of the network for the best of the customers, for now Ripple are doing their best in Cross-Border payments sector.

The story of worrying XRP investors who feel tricked in by their clever marketing tactics is another story, but they have all freedom to leave anytime.  They are holding for a reason.  They are expecting things to get better.

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