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Zilliqa (ZIL) Cryptocurrency Can Easily Dominate the DeFi Space gZIL and ZilSwap Leading

December 15, 2020 Off By James

The Zilliqa team is made up of individuals who have expertise in business, computer science, and marcom.  The future holds a lot for Zilliqa. It is true that ZIL has not picked on any bull run so far.  With more of decentralized applications getting built on Zilliqa that facilitates a dual mining system.

Lot of optimizations are happening to Zilliqa to improve throughput capacity, latency, and improved smart contract language, and tool chain support.  The smart contract platform from Zilliqa scales linearly without security compromise.  ZIL is paid out as a block reward and also used to navigate the Zilliqa blockchain.

In this regard, Sydney Ifergan, the crypto expert tweeted:  “Zilliqa (ZIL) believers feel that ZIL can easily dominate the DeFi Market Value and they feel the days are bright for ZIL.”

The expectation is that Zilliqa can easily reach $1 and this will happen when a few steps are taken.  The expectation is that Zilliqa will steal Ethereum’s DeFi Market Share – ZilSwap and Zilliqa will solve the blockchain Trilema of speed, security and decentralization.

For those who are just getting to know ZilSwap, it is a fully on-chain, decentralized exchange which is running on Zilliqa.

ZilSwap is used to swap a range of tokens registered with them ranging from SERGS, XSGD, BOLT, gZIL, RedC, ZLF, CARB, ZYF, ZLP, SHRK, and many others. This can be done using either Connect ZilPay or using a private key.

For those who are new there are short video guides about how to swap tokens with reference to ZilSwap.

Zilliqa (ZIL) Creeping in to Everyday Use

Zilliqa (ZIL) have come up with a governance token known as gZIL and the decentralized exchange dubbed ZilSwap are the new developments providing for the growth of ZIL.

Zilliqa are creeping in to everyday use wherever possible.  Zilliqa is hailed to be a good investment by those who are looking to diversify their portfolio by holding tokens from several blockchains. 

Zilliqa tweeted:  “Christmas is coming and to spoil you for the holidays we and Travalacom have a special surprise for you.  For each booking you make with ZIL you will receive a 15% cashback.  So start booking today.”

Zillion is a non-custodial staking platform. Zillion is built on a sharded blockchain.  This sharding feature truncates the requirement of a third party during staking.  Interested persons deposit their tokens into smart contracts, providing the public blockchain with an easier to use, seamless platform.

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