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Horizen (ZEN) Choosing Function Over Fashion in Blockchain Technology

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Horizen (ZEN) is an inclusive ecosystem built on its massively scalable blockchain platform where everyone is empowered and rewarded for their contributions.

Horizon has been built to be the world’s most secure interoperable blockchain ecosystem.  It is possible to unlock its power for real world use cases.

Pointing to Horizen, Sydney Ifergan, the crypto expert tweeted:  “I see Horizen (ZEN) is a small world in itself providing enough products like the Side chains, Zen Nodes, Sphere by Horizen, Academy, and Store.”   

Horizen are focused on creating a fair and inclusive ecosystem where everyone are rewarded for their contributions.  Horizen is massively scalable and it makes it possible for businesses and developers to quickly and affordably create their own private and public blockchains based on the largest network node in the industry.

Horizen’s Sidechain SDK facilitates with everything that is required for easy and fast deployment of a fully customizable blockchain.

The Horizen Roadmap clearly defines the progress of the project in the ecosystem.  During the Q1 – Sidechain Beta IQ parallel testnet; During Q2 and Q3 – Sidechain Beta 2.0, and during Q4 Sidechain SDK.

They have a newsletter, which users subscribe to in order to follow their journey.

Horizen (ZEN) End-To-End Encryption

ZEN is the first cryptocurrency with fully end-to-end encryption to protect the internode communications. Its optional privacy feature makes it possible to control the digital footprint.

Several developers and big name businesses are transitioning to Horizen blockchain. Over the last three months, Horizen have established design partnerships with major names in blockchain like Celsius, Dragonchain, and Sikoba. 

With more developers flocking in to Horizen, this has created a curiosity as to what is drawing so many people in.  The 51% attack solution provides for more than 40,000 active nodes, which are distributed across the globe.

Horizen are thus able to provide for unrivaled data integrity for developers to build on their ecosystem. Companies who have to ensure that their customer data is safe choose the Horizen blockchain. They will be able to literally build anything they want to build.

It is expected that Horizen will continue to release major partnership announcements and a lot of exciting updates soon.

Horizen keep their community up to date with weekly engineering update.  Zendoo is the Horizen side chain technology facilitating to build custom Dapps.  Zendoo emphasizes functionality and usability over design choice, thus permitting designers to build almost anything they want.

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