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Bitcoin Cash (BCH) As a Reliable Payment Rail despite Not Performing Well as a Cryptoasset

January 7, 2021 Off By Steven Anderson

A recent Novogratz tweet interrogated on which coin has the best chance of winning payments among Facebook’s Diem, Tether, Bitcoin Cash, and USDC.

Several Bitcoin Cash enthusiasts discussed the benefits of BCH as a payments rail. One of them replied to Mike:  “Bitcoin Cash hands down— Many BCH projects have been funded.”

The community member clarified stating that about 5 BCH development teams are innovating in terms of scaling and that the community laser focused in terms of adoption and also to provide for real time use cases for the real time world.

However, Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is now the worst performing cryptoasset, but Roger Ver opines that it will be worth almost 229 times it current price.

Roger Ver recently told one of the online news publication that “The more useful something is the more people will use it.” He also stated that BCH is far more useful than BTC for almost everything except speculation so far.

There are far more potential upsides to BCH and Ver is very confident that the BCH price might reach 100,000 USD by the end of this decade.

Worthy to recollect that BCH was created as a hard fork of Bitcoin (BTC) in 2017.

Despite, Kim Dotcom expressed recently that Bitcoin Cash is great for payments and that he expects it to cross $3K in 2021.

So, those who believe in BCH have interesting numbers in predictions as price by the end of 2021 or by the decade.  He also stated that bitcoin is a “great asset for storage,” and then further stressed that bitcoin cash was “great for payments.  However, reality should clarify when the time unfolds the facts mentioned in these statements where as such or as some other reality.

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Upside Potential

There is no doubt that the cryptocurrency economy is rising and it is also true that BCH is undervalued right now.  The upside potential will show up in a few months.

Roger according to Kim Dotcom is way ahead of time in terms of his innovation.  This he seems to state in a way to clarify as being the reason for the Roger Ver Attitude when he supports BCH. Roger is up to creating a lot of stuff that is set to make the whole cryptocurrency space better.

Several community discussions are happening to help businesses using BCH in their commerce.  Thus finding a way to make it easy for both the merchants and users to be able to use it.  These grassroots meeting are going to make it very easy to use BCH.