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Digibyte (DGB) the Cryptocurrency for the Whole of Humanity Celebrating a Decade in 2021

January 10, 2021 Off By Maheen Hernandez

Anyone will be able to use DigiByte (DGB) irrespective of race, religion, political beliefs or gender.  Another good thing is that they welcome free speech and differing points of view.  Also, Censorship is the antithesis of open decentralization.

Jared Tate recently pointed to how The Digibyte Blockchain can never be censored. Those who have been owning DGB for several years have been stating that Jared has owned too much DGB for several years and that they are impressed by the integrity and principles of DGB.

One of the Digibyte tweets stated, seems that DGB has 210 times the circulating supply of LTC. Based upon Litecoin’s price, we should be at $.80 USD, but considering how much more value the DigiByte blockchain provides, a fair market value for DGB would be approximately 3.5x this value. Yes, we are very undervalued.

Several investors feel that for some reason or the other the price of DGB might not move for a very long time.  There is no argument about the best use cases of DGB though.

Some of the users were interrogating in to who are actually using the DGB.  They feel that there should be some funding and backing from prominent people. From people’s point of view, they simply are about making money.  And, it is understandable that DGB is not centralized but to take it to the next level of adoption something innovative should happen.  The fundamentals are good, but people like to see money as all of them are in to the markets are to make money.

There is no denying that is DGB the best blockchain combination of speed, security & true decentralization in the world today! 40x faster than Bitcoin w/ 1,000x more $DGB than BTC & 5 mining algos vs 1 for Litecoin and Ethereum.

Digibyte Should Bring in Something New

DGB are Celebrating DigiByte’s birthday on Jan 10, 2021.  A decade in to the cryptocurrency space with 5 different decentralized mining pools, people are looking for something new.

Ruby Bouwman however claims that despite the turmoil that 2021 will be the year for Digibyte blockchain to shine.  He stated that Digibyte technology are focusing on global adoption and application.  He also stated that DGB Foundation are the vehicle and voice for larger global and growing community and moreover the liaison body for partnerships, commercial businesses and organizations.

Will DGB be like silver coins, ideal for payments, exchange of value and for live savings? 2021 should say.

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