FIRST blockchain-powered edutainment platform raises $6.7 millions and MOU signed with GIG World Pte Ltd for China Fujian province and Malaysia

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Little Detective is making huge waves in the crypto scene with its roaring success in the token sales. The platform is also signing up for esteemed collaborations with big names.

August 31, 2018: Little Detective is fast becoming the latest buzz in the crypto tinsel town with its dramatic success in the token sales and with increasing participation from investors. Launched by Ixtus Edutainment, the FIRST blockchain-powered edutainment platform has already raised $6.7 millions and the numbers are rising with each passing day. The futuristic portal has also signed a high profile MOU with GIG World Pte Ltd.

Little Detective is currently hosting its last week of token sale on the ICO. The IXE token price for the ICO is- 1 ETH=5,000 IXE.

“We are really excited with the increasing participation from our investors. We had already raised $5.5 millions with our private sale and pre-ICO and currently our platform is bustling with a whopping $6.7 millions which definitely means a huge high for us. We are also thrilled with the esteemed partnership with GIG World Pte Ltd and we are looking forward a bright future for Little Detective ahead”, stated the CEO of Ixtus.

As the first ever blockchain-powered edutainment platform, Little Detective is all set to scale up present multimedia education a step higher. Thanks to its blockchain-base, the platform serves as the much-awaited resource base for storage, dissemination & share of information- all the while protecting intellectual property and fostering democratic participation in education. Unlike its conventional competitions, Little Detective encourages easy access to education for communities worldwide, including isolated communities as well.

Targeted towards preschool and lower primary school children, Little Detective is based on a strategically designed curriculum devised by Singapore Ministry of Education. The platform introduces a self-learning and exploratory portal that aims to create a holistic learning situation for the users where they will be able to exercise their whole brain and develop critical thinking & decision making abilities. The platform also looks forward to development of motor and speech skills in children.

Little Detective will be initially launched in China, which will be followed by launches in South-East Asian countries, rest of the Asia Pacific and the world.

“As the first edutainment product of the crypto world, we are mostly targeting developing countries where quality of education is not readily available or accessible. We are primarily targeting those areas that suffer from lack of access to quality teachers and proper teaching infrastructure. We are hopeful Little Detective will be able to bridge the gap in these countries through its engaging interactive self-learning & exploratory platform.”

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