The Price of Stellar is Contradicting Market Losses

The Price of Stellar is Contradicting Market Losses

September 7, 2018 Off Steven Anderson By Steven Anderson

In spite of the overall negative momentum spreading through the cryptocurrency market today, not all currencies are impacted in a similar way. The price of Stellar has been an appealing exception in this regard. That’s because it experiences from the smallest losses in the whole top 15. Several key developments affect this market positively.

After the value of Bitcoin drops massively, digital tokens and altcoins will experience from a similar fate eventually. When it comes to Stellar price, its existent decline is to be anticipated, although it’s much lower than the other altcoins on the market. It’s safe to tell that the price of Stellar is marginal boring in this connection.

A few interesting progress about Stellar is happening as of late. Even though such efforts are mainly overlooked outside of the XLC community, they can’t be ignored. The StellarWarp project was first released in March 2018, is apparently gaining more power. The project is a worldwide exchange for every Stellar-based tokens. They are the same as to how ERC20 trading platforms work. It’s a respected addition to the Stellar ecosystem generally.

On the other hand, the semi-current release of VTNP has also gone by unseen virtually. It’s a new wallet solution to keep both the native XLM token or Stellar and VNT. Support for his latter asset is somewhat strange. It enables for a straight purchase of XLM along with a debit card of a person, and the option to make new accounts and allotting various addresses to the single wallet.

Most prominently, the latest announcement of LBM has taken the whole world by storm. Their newest World Wire platform is established on top of the technology of Stellar. It will be utilized to clear and settle cross-border payments within seconds. It’s one of the largest examples of commercializing blockchain for the financial industry. A demo of the new platform will be released later this 2018.

All of these modifications have influenced the price of Stellar in a comparatively positive way. Notwithstanding the recent dip isn’t preventable, it remains to be noticed how much negative pressure the market will need to cope with. It shows pioneers aren’t determined on allowing the price of XLM drops excessively. Therefore, anything can happen in the next few hours. Along with existing trading volume of $68 million, it appears like unpredictability will be less present in this market.