Blockchain-based edutainment platform Little Detective, listing in Exrates 13th September 2018, taking multimedia education a step ahead

Sydney Ifergan By Sydney Ifergan September 12, 2018 Off
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Powered by Blockchain, Little Detective promises an extraordinary multimedia edutainment platform for pre-school kids that will encourage children to exercise their whole brain, experience holistic learning and develop motor & speech skills.

September 12, 2018: A new revolutionary crypto platform is all set to make waves in both academic and crypto scene with its promise to take multimedia education a notch higher. Titled “Little Detective”, the state of the art blockchain edutainment platform has already amassed an amazing $6.7 millions from its token sale and is listing on Extrates, September 13, 2018.

The IXE (Ixtus) token price will list at – 1 IXE = US$0.08.

Launched by Ixtus Edutainment, Little Detective adheres to a special Kindergarten Curriculum Framework devised by Singapore Ministry of Education. It caters to pre-school and lower primary school kids. The platform focuses on 3 important skill sets- Language & Literacy, Numbers & Math as well as Environment & Social Studies.

“Little Detective is engineered to take contemporary multimedia education a step higher through our unique features, including a futuristic blockchain framework”, stated  Mr. BEK, the CEO of Ixtus Edutainment.

Thanks to the blockchain structure, Little Detective will be able to promote democratic participation in the learning environment where education can be accessed by all over the world, including even the isolated communities.

Speaking further on the curriculum of Little Detective, Mr. BEK added –

“Out interactive and engaging curriculum is designed to foster experience-centered and process-oriented learning experience for kids. It will encourage children’s curiosity, interest and organic thirst for knowledge and eventually lead to experiences in problem-based learning, investigation, discovery & active exploration. The platform will introduce pre-school kids to formal education and also teach them how to communicate, play and interact with others. We are aimed to create a holistic learning environment for kids where they will not only learn math or language but will even have the opportunity to develop motor skills, speech skills, self-management attitude and positive mindset. We have followed the concept of role modeling here where our smart little protagonist will inspire self-management abilities in children through his missions.”

Little Detective is strategically engineered with several cutting edge features

  • Backed by advanced software features
  • Includes all premium features of preschool curriculum
  • Endorsed by Early Childhood Educational professional
  • Solid IP protection thanks to blockchain framework
  • Exclusive bounty sharing scheme that will reward quality content contributors such as educators or professionals