Bitsy Launched a New Easy to Use Crypto Wallet

Bitsy Launched a New Easy to Use Crypto Wallet

September 16, 2018 Off By Steven Anderson

Bitsy, a renowned blockchain startup wishes to help build out the gap between fiat money and digital currencies.

September 15, 2018, Friday Bitsy announced the latest crypto wallet, with an objective of offering a basic, user-friendly experience. Ann-Marie Hopkins, Bitsy CEO, said in an interview that the new crypto wallet would enable users to purchase some number of digital currency, like BTC, and make sure that it will be simpler to acquire BTC from one individual to another.

This blockchain startup, which has seen venture from Medici Ventures, the blockchain auxiliary of retail giant states that its crypto wallet provides a clean and neat interface for a newbie to the technology. One that conceals wallet addresses, verification of the transaction, as well as other essential technical information, even if those will remain available for more skilled and veteran users.

According to Hopkins, they want the regular BTC technical individual to appreciate it, however, all at once they also want it to be mainstream, more functional, and until making it amicable, they don’t believe people will make use of it. Bitsy also stated that this wallet would utilize facial recognition to access.

To utilize this latest product, users need to buy their preferred amount of BTC in US money, and the crypto will go straight into their buyer’s wallet. To transfer BTC to your friends or someone else, the crypto wallet will default to QR codes rather than a BTC address.

According to Hopkins, if you do not want to experience the pressure of the technical aspect, yes you have access in case you want to check the confirmations. At launch, wallet users will be capable of transferring money primarily between individuals. On the other hand, Bitsy is set to its platform to serve as an on-ramp for people planning to buy or acquire services or products over the net, as well.

CEO said that is eventually what they are doing. That is the perfect, agencies all get a crypto wallet, send them the BTC, charge you the BTC, and it can only be another mode of compensation.

To get that expansion going, is planning to put extras for the crypto wallet in the last quarter of 2018 and in the first quarter of 2019 that will allow clients to buy products and service quickly on its platform with the use of digital currency. In the end, customers of will be to buy BTC direct through the application.

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