TheCurrencyAnalytics strikes a mutual investment deal with OPP Open WiFi

By Sydney Ifergan September 21, 2018 Off

TheCurrencyAnalytics has recently made a mutual investment deal with futuristic blockchain powered largest guest WiFi community in-the-making OPP Open WiFi

September 21, 2018: TheCurrencyAnalytics has recently declared its latest mutual investment deal with revolutionary community-driven free Wi-Fi hotspot network OPP Open WiFi. Worth a whopping $200,000, the new agreement will have the top crypto news portal and the next-gen blockchain-powered Wi-Fi hotspot platform investing in each other.

The largest guest WiFi community in-the-making, OPP Open WiFi aims to introduce an open & FREE to access WiFi hotspot network for users all across the globe. The platform is looking to recruit 25 million WiFi Hotspot Hosts who are willing to donate data to other WiFi users from their routers. These Hotspot Hosts will be rewarded by OPP Open Wifi for assuring easy access to their data for OPP’s global network. Interested Hotspot Hosts will get the router from OPP and the site is offering the first 100,000 routers completely free of charge.

“It’s a great moment for us to enter into a mutual investment deal with TheCurrencyAnalytics & TCAT. We believe in their mission to guarantee the most unbiased and authentic news to the global crypto community. We are all set to create a revolution in the WiFi scene which will be immensely helpful for smartphone and internet users. Even though internet browsing activities on smartphones are growing by leaps and bounds yet around 76% of them often find it difficult to avail internet. And we are looking forward to change that for better. We needed a strong platform that can channelize our vision & mission to the world in the most ethical and righteous manner- and there could not be a better platform than TheCurrencyAnalytics”, stated Martin Regan, the leading spokesperson from OPP.

TheCurrencyAnalytics has recently released its crypto token TCAT with the vision to introduce the most authentic and neutral and ethical news for the global crypto scene online. The platform counts on the advanced REAL screening protocol which represents:

  • REAL news stories only sourced from real-time observed accounts
  • Ethical news stories penned by judicious journalists
  • Attributive news where all facts are checked thoroughly
  • Lasting news which can productively contribute to the crypto community

“As a leading news portal we are always looking forward to the most promising developments in the blockchain and crypto scene that can create a positive impact in the society and crypto zone. When we found OPP, we immediately could resonate with its humanitarian ideal to ensure FREE Wi-Fi for worldwide users and we knew we have found a strong partner here. We heartily welcome OPP on board”, noted Mr. Sydney Ifergan, the leading spokesperson from TheCurrencyAnalytics.

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