Komorebi Alliance: a group of ICOs building the all in one platform For 9 crypto communities

By Sydney Ifergan October 4, 2018 Off
komorebi alliance

INGOT Coin intends to foster building an interconnected global community of trust and cooperation on which the basis of honesty and transparency between its members exist. The ICOs are all in different industries from Health to Financial services and E-commerce to Real Estate. INGOT Coin, GMEX-Group, BolttCoin, Modern Finance Chain (MFChain), SwachhCoin, Black.Insure, PlaceToRent (PTRT), Bineuro and Stella have all formed a unified front under one alliance.

The group of ICOs along with GMEX plan to establish a single platform that will allow all their communities to use their utilities simultaneously.

INGOT Coin (IC) aims to integrate the traditional financial industry with the blockchain innovation by offering a complete Ecosystem that provides crypto holders the access to all financial services. The first of all-inclusive Ecosystem will be the pioneer in linking the crypto universe to the current traditional world. INGOT Coin will comprise an unique solution by integrating 6 basic components of financial ecosystem and providing a one-stop-shop for the digital asset, traditional asset and currency markets to solve challenges by creating a link between the crypto market and the traditional market.

GMEX Group is a set of companies that offer sustainable and innovative solutions for a new era of global financial markets. Providing business expertise, the latest technology, connectivity & operational excellence delivered through an aligned partnership driven approach. We use our extensive market infrastructure experience and expertise to create an appropriate strategic master plan with exchanges, clearing houses, depositories, registries and warehouse receipt platforms.

BolttCoin is A Decentralized Health & Sports Economy based on Blockchain. Initially, an ecosystem to reward personal health leveraging cutting edge Blockchain technology. Boltt is an Established Market Leader in Wearable Technology & Mobile Health Solutions. The BolttCoin platform unlocks the true potential of health & fitness data using Blockchain.

Modern Finance Chain is building the most cost-effective cryptocurrency payment ecosystem that rewards the consumer as well as the merchant. MF Chain’s immediate goal is to become the foundation of commerce powered by the blockchain by bringing users the ability to transact using their favorite coins, based on a zero-fee model along with an innovative merchant rewards program. The greater vision of Modern Finance Chain is the MF Mainnet. An independent public blockchain that uses a BFT/POS consensus model and a unique masternode incentivization protocol. Furthermore, MF Mainnet will allow for the development of enterprise level private blockchains, atomic swap cross-chain transactions, multi-blockchain integration, and a verified digital identity system.

Swachhcoin is a unique blockchain-powered attempt at micromanaging wastes from households and industries and efficiently converting them into useful products. These products, at the end of the process, will be of higher economic value. Swachh Ecosystem is essentially a DAO (Decentralised Autonomous Organisation), governed autonomously on the basis of pre-defined instructions in the form of smart contract. Swachhcoin aims to revolutionize waste management by creating a token that will be used to provide monetary incentive primarily to the domestic households.

Black will be a licensed insurance company that provides insurance capacity to Agents, Brokers and MGAs enabling them to launch their own virtual insurance companies. Black connects the idea to the capital directly, replacing the parties that are not needed in the value chain with technology. Black will do this through crowdfunding, also giving smaller investors a way in. Black is bringing on board a new meaning to insurance as well as removing intermediaries that charge extra costs and waste longer time.

PlaceToRent is a decentralized global peer-to-peer rental platform in the space of commercial and residential rentals designed to facilitate and streamline the rental process through Blockchain technology by providing transparent and efficient transactions while reducing the need for a trusted third party, and offer tools for such undeserved segments of rental population as younger and low-income households to stand out in low vacancy markets.

Bineuro is an advertising artificial intelligence, neural network that can self-learn and accumulate experience. The system becomes “smarter” with every new advertising campaign. The use of Blockchain and smart contracts will allow users from all over the world to be confident in the transaction security, as well as in the reliability of a number of key analytical data, that will be verified by the Blockchain.

Stella is a P2P lending marketplace powered by StellaCoins, smart contracts, and artificial intelligence. Stella Project’s mission is to simplify real-world use of cryptocurrencies and blockchain based services. Stella will cover all major financial needs, including card payments, loans, business project financing and p2p lending in a transparent, reliable and trustworthy environment. Stella Project introduces a new, post-banking era in which the financial services traditionally monopolized by banks are available in a way that is faster, more functional, more transparent, and ultimately, more cost-efficient.

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