BitGo Gets Compatible With Stellar and Dash

By Maheen Hernandez October 5, 2018 Off

BitGo will be permitting its customers to keep Dash. This digital currency is based on the tweaked codes of Bitcoin.

BitGo will as well support Lumens related to Stellar.  Stellar is an open source blockchain that was spun out of the Fintech Giant Stripe in the year 2014.

Of note, earlier this year, Stripe refused to accept payments in cryptocurrency because of the very high volatility. The price swings of Bitcoin were making merchants unhappy about the vast price difference the coin suffered before they received it.

Hughes Johnson of Stripe stated that they have been watching the market for prices and they believe that there is no need for them so far to begin accepting Bitcoin over again.

Mike Belshe, Founder and CEO or BitGo declared via that these two coins are added because “they offer some advances, specifically around payments.”

The South Dakota Division of Banking regulates BitGo Trust Company.  They are qualified Custodians.   BitGo, the Palo Alto-based Startup provides for modern custody for the modern assets.  They support more than 85 cryptocurrencies through their custody product.

BitCo products are considered to be the best choice in the current scenario when compared to several other products available in the market because they are highly focused. Belshe in his remarks about the exchanges stated, “What they’re really doing is trying to hold funds so they’ll use their exchange.”

He further made fun of NYSE stating that if it went to the SEC saying that they would like to be the custodians for the assets traded, the SEC would laugh them out of the room.  He meant to state that the potential for abuse is more when the same organization works with competing interests.

Samani recently remarked, “Over the next year, the market will come to recognize that custodianship is a solved problem. This will unlock a big wave of capital.”

BitGo Custody is purpose-built for digital assets.  Bitgo Business Wallet is an institutional grade, multi-signature, multi-coin transaction wallet.  It provides for cold storage and hot wallet access via Web and API.  The BitGo Pay as you Go is a leading multi-signature hot wallet meant for individuals, and it can be used without any contract.  Supports Bitcoin, Bitcoin Gold, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, and Zcash.

BitGo has 300+ clients in more than 50 countries.  Being the largest Bitcoin Processor provides for $15 billion in transactions in a month.

Several institutional investors are looking for custodial products that will help them satisfy legal and the security requirements. While there are rumors that giants like JPMorgan Chase are planning to make an entry into the market, exchanges like Coinbase and Gemini have introduced their offerings this year.

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