Misleading Snippets Warren Buffet Bitcoin CEO – Google Jokes on Mining Costs

Steven Anderson By Steven Anderson October 10, 2018 Off
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Google did not have a great relationship with cryptocurrency in the past.  Google and Facebook have forever been mindful of malicious cryptocurrency ads. 

Chris Wilmer, professor in the University of Pittsburgh’s Swanson School of Engineering remarked, “Simply banning all ads was not a right thing to do.”

While Google rolled back on its ban on advertisements on cryptocurrencies in the past month, it later permitted cryptocurrency exchanges to buy advertisements in the US and Japan with applicable terms and conditions. Following the unbanning, there was a wave of bullish predictions for Bitcoins.

No in the rounds, if you are going to do a Google Search for “Bitcoin CEO” then you will bump on results that show that Warren Buffet is “Satoshi.”

There is a lot of news doing the rounds like “Google Says Warren Buffet is the CEO of Bitcoin” at Kryptomoney; and at Motherboard, you see a title that goes “Warren Buffet is the CEO of Bitcoin according to Google,” and more of such news is tailing in the web.

Some search queries challenge the search engine giant’s deliverables.  Redditors have spotted that a search for “Bitcoin CEO” in the search engine throws up Warren Buffet, Roger Ver, and Jamie Dimon as CEOs.  However, in reality, Bitcoin does not have a CEO, and there is no executive team for Bitcoin.

Google is apparently confused.  And, for unusual questions under related search queries like, people also asked for who are the owners of Bitcoin, the results show that people with biggest known stakes in Bitcoin are Tim Draper, Satoshi, Barry Silbert, Winklevoss twins, Tim Draper and Satoshi Nakamoto.

Google is even more confused about the headquarters of Bitcoin as being Virginia.  This result is because of a Bitcoin Shop, Inc., that is located in Arlington, Virginia.  Well, none of these results. And average people searching the Google are not getting the right information. Misleading snippets and laymen land up believing what Google says.

Now, there is an Ad about a Google Ad Screen Call Device that is designed in a way to permit people to interact with their callers before they can answer the phone.  Google has joked about the high costs of mining cryptocurrency.  And one of the characters in the ad asks is “he is going to live the cryptocurrency lie.”  This is a light-hearted Google advertisement, where the electricity provider warns the user about the high electricity costs and the other states it is because of the cryptocurrency mining costs.

The electricity provider states that cryptocurrency is not real money and in turn, the other one responds stating that “Well, I have got news for you and money is not real.”

Servers running Bitcoin software consume around 22 Terrawatt-hours per year.