TCA enters into a mutual investment deal with futuristic decentralized P2P transportation company RedCab

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The Currency Analytics has clinched a mutual investment deal with blockchain-based P2P transportation company RedCab which aims to ensure lowest transportation fare for riders and maximum profit for drivers.

October 12, 2018: The Currency Analytics has recently signed a mutual investment deal with revolutionary blockchain-based P2P transportation company RedCab. The deal was channelized and officiated by Mr. Cedric Morris, the head of sales at TCA.

RedCab is currently running its ICO which will conclude in just 48 hours.

The token price is – 1 ETH= 2,333 REDC (RedCab token).

RedCab is a decentralized P2P transportation company which has come up with a unique business model that addresses both customer needs and business goals. It is powered by the advanced technology of blockchain that ensures fast contracting and secured transaction. The main aim of RedCab is to ensure lowest transportation fare for riders and maximum profit for drivers. The RedCab app is already available for iOS and Android devices.

“We appreciate RedCab’s efforts to transcend itself from a centralized application to a decentralized ecosystem which assures easy access to worldwide reach & reduced transportation expenses for users. The company has eliminated presence of middlemen and commission which are usual with regular transportation companies and that has helped RedCab to save a whopping $60 billion+ annually. RedCab is something that the whole world has been waiting for and we are excited to partner with such a promising blockchain platform”, stated Mr. Sydney Ifergan, the chief spokesperson from TCA.

RedCab stands out with a host of state of the art features:

Zero commission scheme to ensure complete win-win for both riders & drivers

  • Proof of Driving that will allow drivers to earn tokens as long as they are driving & accepting trips
  • Sharing Economy Network with Red Network Dominance
  • Proof of Marketing that will enable riders to earn token through referral marketing
  • First ever personal road-trip assistant “Cabbi”

The Currency Analytics has recently released its crypto token TCAT with the goal to introduce the most impartial and genuine news reports in the crypto scene through advanced REAL protocol. The REAL here stands for:

  • REAL news reports only based on witnessed events
  • ETHICAL news written by impartial, dedicated and professional journalists
  • ATTRIBUTIVE news reports where all facts are checked before publishing
  • LASTING news stories that positively contribute to lasting conversations in the crypto community

“It’s an overwhelming moment for us to team up with The Currency Analytics. We champion their efforts to clean the crypto media scene of fake news and introduce only the most authentic and unbiased reports. We have been looking for a platform which can channelize our futuristic portal in the most impartial and genuine way to the world. There could not be a better partner than TCA”, added Mohamed Mousa, the CEO of RedCab.

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