TCA enters into a 300k Mutual investment deal with FIRST blockchain football funding ecosystem Netscouters

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The Currency Analytics has recently partnered with Netscouters, the revolutionary FIRST ever blockchain project that will tokenize amateur football club and players activities to assure easy access to global financing for these clubs.

October 15, 2018: The Currency Analytics has clinched a 300K mutual investment deal with revolutionary football funding ecosystem Netscouters. Netscouters is the FIRST ever blockchain- based decentralized soccer investments & funding concept developed on a meritocratic platform. The portal is aimed to assess and support young promising players globally.

Netscouters has already started its ICO and it will conclude within a couple of months.

Netscouters is the FIRST ever blockchain project that will tokenize club & players activities. It represents a decentralized, meritocratic and transparent marketplace for clubs and players based on tokens. The decentralization of amateur football in Netscouters marketplace will assure easy access to worldwide financing from professional soccer clubs, brands and investors for the amateur clubs.

The Netscouters marketplace will employ a state of the art integrated video streaming portal which will enable amateur clubs to come up with their own channel (streaming/pay per view) to offer contents. They will be able to monetize these contents behind paywall, take to Google DFP for ad insertion as well as attain valuable data from viewers through lead capture. Netscouters has released two types of coins- Outerscoin which will be used for platform users and Outinvcoin that will be deployed for sales events.

“Netscouters represents the future of football funding globally through its use of blockchain power as well as assets tokenization. What’s so special about the platform is that it’s driven to solve the funding issues plaguing the amateur football clubs. These clubs mainly operate with the help of contribution of club directors and parents of the players’. There is no question of subsidy which has made the situation extremely unsustainable for these amateur clubs. And that’s sad because these clubs are the main providers of promising stars of esteemed professional leagues. But Netscouters solves all these woes with its blockchain decentralized, meritocratic and transparent platform that assures easy global financing to all these clubs”, stated Sydney Ifergan, the chief spokesperson of The Currency Analytics.

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“We believe in the philosophy and ideals of TCA that stress on forwarding only the most authentic, verified and unbiased news. We were looking for a credible media partner for the most genuine and impartial coverage of our futuristic platform and there could not be a better name than TCA”, added in Damiano Lino, the leading spokesperson from Netscouters.

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