Jean Martin to Technologically Innovate Security Token for

By Maheen Hernandez October 16, 2018 Off
OKTO security tokens is a startup security token issuance and maintenance firm.  They have partnered with Jean Martin Inc to speed up the technology adoption process.  The partnership is envisioned to lead down the road to success day#1.

Things change for companies when the product goes from just 10 users to 10 million users.  When the move is made from a local audience to an international audience the product becomes more than just a great idea. Every wallet in the security token industry comes with a vested interest to make more profits and to increase the ROI.

Advanced technology is important to speed up the adoption of Security Token technology for transfer agents, tax professionals, broker-dealers, and token issuers.  To make the Security Token adoption technologically advanced, it is important to have a robust technological backup for the platform.  To make this possible and to accelerate the adoption process, has teamed up with Newyork-based Jean Martin Inc.

The security token solutions that are provided by OKTO are in compliance with the regulations laid down by Securities and Exchange regulations.  The services provided by OKTO can be integrated into the systems of other vendors, and it can be updated according to the newer token protocols, regulations, and the blockchain networks.

With security tokens being a convenient approach to raise capital, several companies who are operating in the financial sector are investing more in this technology. It is seen that more than $13 trillion worth security tokens will be released in the future two years.

In order to take advantage of the Security Token Offerings’ (STOs), several traditional firms and innovation-oriented firms have upgraded their methods and technologies.

Leaseum Partners offer security tokens based on a portfolio of US real estate in New York.

The partnership between OKTO and Jean Martin synchronizes the innovative orientation of OKTO with the customer-oriented solutions offered by Jean Martin.

OKTO CEO Grace Schroeder stated: “By partnering with Jean Martin we will be able to provide for the increasing demand in the security token sector.” He also stated that Jean Martin’s experience is a perfect fit for the integrated suite in security token technology.

The head of Jean Martin’s stated: “We are delighted to have been preferred as the implementation partner for OKTO suite of products to serve the security token financial services ecosystem.”

The partnership will likely bring out the solutions for the most pressing problems in blockchain based security token issuance industry.

Increasing numbers of cryptocurrency exchanges are willing to explore security tokens for the equity factor provided by these tokens. ICO tokens without equity do not have any kind of utility whatsoever.

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