FIRST blockchain-powered edutainment platform gets listed in Coin Market Cap with daily trading volume of $1.4 million

By Steven Anderson October 18, 2018 Off
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October 18, 2018: Little Detective has already taken the crypto scene by storm with its meteoric success with token sales and is reaching new highs with almost every passing week. After raising a whopping $6.7 millions in token sale, the revolutionary blockchain-powered edutainment platform is pleased to announce about its listing in Coin Market Cap. Launched by Ixtus Edutainment, the next-generation multimedia education platform is targeted towards preschool and lower primary school kids.

“It’s a huge moment for us to get listed in Coin Market Cap. CMC is reportedly the #1 price-checking site in the crypto-space today and to get listed here is a matter of great pride and honor for us. It’s a defining moment in our road to progress and we are looking forward to many more such achievements in near future”, stated the leading spokesperson of Ixtus Edutainment.

Little Detective is undoubtedly the latest buzz in the crypto & academic space with its next-generation blockchain-powered edutainment portal. The platform stands ahead of its competitors with its unique advantage of facilitating sharing access to quality education with larger range of communities all over the world, including even the isolated communities.

“Little Detective fills the need of a state of the art resource base that can store, disseminate and share information whilst protecting intellectual property and promoting democratic participation in education. We aim to take multimedia education to a whole new level. We are especially stressing on reaching out to developing countries that lack proper access to education and teaching. We believe our blockchain-powered edutainment platform will be able to address the shortage with its cutting-edge self-learning and exploratory design.”

Little Detective adheres to a strategically designed kindergarten curriculum developed by Singapore Ministry of Education. The revolutionary platform is designed to encourage experience-centered and process-oriented learning environment for children. Little Detective aims to inspire interest in learning; curiosity and natural thirst for knowledge in kids and help them to develop constructive experiences in problem-based learning, investigation, inquiry, discovery and active exploration.

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