European Cryptocurrency Exchange to Educate Nigerians

By Steven Anderson October 23, 2018 Off
crypto education

Quidax, a European cryptocurrency exchange stated that they are in Nigeria to educate and improve the standards of understanding of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology in Nigeria.

Buchi Okoro, Chief Executive Officer of Quidax, at a presentation at Abuja Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence Roundtable (ABAR), required investors to understand cryptocurrency and the emerging blockchain technology to make complete use of the advantage provided by the cryptocurrency.  The presentation clearly established that “It is the currency of the future.”

The boss of Quidax had said that the company mainly set up to provide access to people to buy and sell cryptocurrencies efficiently using the local currencies. This has been done with the goal of offering liquidity and tools to provide with hassle-free cross-border remittances for to and fro cross-border transactions in the emerging markets.

Buchi quoted: “Crypto is the future. It’s not a matter of “If” crypto will take down the entire financial world; it’s just a question of “when.”  This he quoted from the email newsletter Robert Kiyosaki, a renowned businessman, and author.

Buchi for stated remarked that one of the primary objectives of the company was to increase the understanding level of cryptocurrency and the blockchain technology in Nigeria.  He further said why he was glad about the event by stating “We are proud to partner up with the organizers of Abuja Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence Roundtable. We will ensure to continue with the process of developing and seeking new partnerships to improve the understanding of cryptocurrency and blockchain in Nigeria.”

Buchi further stated there is a requirement for regulations to bring in some sanity into space and as well to protect the overall population; however, in the absence awareness, Quidax has taken come forward as a responsible corporate citizen to protect its users to increase awareness about cryptocurrencies.

Quidax is hailed to be the number one digital assets trading platform in Africa.  Nigeria as a country has an unemployment rate of 18 million with a population of nearly 186 million.  The overall population and the 18% unemployment rate provides for a run field to beat the odds with cryptocurrency.

Quidax as a company wants to provide an opportunity for as many of the Nigerians who are looking to become a part of the users using the simple, secure and seamless interface that will permit users to be able to buy and sell cryptocurrencies.

During its launch, Quidax stated they would permit users to be able to buy and sell about 6 cryptocurrencies, which will expand to more than 20 cryptocurrencies. Thus, Quidax has established itself as the most significant exchange operating in Nigeria.

The company as stated during the launch is currently focused on engaging heavily in blockchain and cryptocurrency education in Nigeria to improve customer interest in wealth creation with cryptocurrency.