TCAT bags a place in Ingot Coin Exchange shortly after launch

By Steven Anderson October 25, 2018 Off
TCA Ingot

TCAT by The Currency Analytics is making huge waves on the crypto scene by being one of those rare coins to get listed on Ingot Coin exchange in less than a month of its launch.

October 25, 2018: One of the biggest challenges for any new crypto platform is to get its token listed in a leading exchange. Sometimes it takes months to receive approval from exchanges. But when a latest crypto token is able to bag a place in a major exchange in just a few days of its launch, it’s certain the coin is truly a token extraordinaire.

TCAT by leading online crypto news platform The Currency Analytics is one such phenomenal token which has taken the current crypto scene by storm lately. The token has set a new high in the digital currency world be being one of those exclusive coins to be listed by a major exchange. Revolutionary blockchain-based Wallet Ingot Coin has recently announced to list TCAT in its IC Exchange in just a few days of the official release of the token.

TCAT stands out with its inspiring vision to free the latest online crypto news world from misleading, outdated and biased news reports posted by unethical writers. The token aspires to hire ethical, professional and seasoned journalists who are dedicated to offering only the true, original and impartial news on digital currency world.

To ensure the most honest news reports, TCAT has come up with state of the art REAL screening protocol to make sure to screen out only the most REAL, Ethical, Attributive and Lasting news reports.

“We are extremely pleased to list TCAT on our exchange. The token is a revolution in the current online crypto news scene and we appreciate it’s aim to eradicate the mushroom growth of fake news reports that are misleading the investors big time. Most importantly, we champion TCAT’s mission to introduce only the most authentic, unbiased and true news reports to help investors with an informed investment decision in the crypto zone”, stated Ahmed Khawanky, CMO  from Ingot Coin Exchange.

INGOT Coin strongly believes in the solution TCAT is aiming to solve. On a daily basis we read multiple news over multiple sources however the source and how legitimate that source remains unknown most of the time. By solving such a challenge, TCAT solves the Legitimacy challenge and provides the markets with verified news that has not been altered.

INGOT Coin also states that it will not be charging any fees for TCAT to be listed on the exchange and will provide a fee free trade for at least the first year. Many exchanges try to charge commission and trading fees, however INGOT Coin does not believe that it would be fair to both the trader and customers as well as the ICO itself. There should be a certain freedom and low cost in the beginning of an ICO in order to attract investors and portray the real value of the ICO.

The FIRST of its kind, Ingot represents a breakthrough fully-integrated wallet with a holistic ecosystem. Added to a major Exchange, the next-gen wallet also hosts a Digital Bank, Brokerage, Certifier and ICO Accelerator. Ingot Coin allows users the grand opportunity to invest in a versatile range of promising cryptocurrencies, stocks, fiat currencies and other financial instruments and assets. Ingot Coin Exchange will be launched shortly.

“It’s a great moment for us to get our token listed on something as big as Ingot Coin Exchange and that too in just a few days of its official release. Ingot is a revolution in itself and only makes space for the most phenomenal tokens to stay ahead of the curve. We are excited that they have recognized our potential and chosen us for this honor”, added in a leading spokesperson from The Currency Analytics.

TCAT has also released a big airdrop of 4 million tokens.

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