Cryptocurrency Has Best Use Cases Minus Overvalued and Overhyped Status Quo

Steven Anderson By Steven Anderson December 8, 2018 Off

The current state of affairs of the cryptocurrency market is particularly bearish. The sentiments about the digital currency are negative. 

A statistical survey reveals that currently there are problems with low volume and tight liquidity in the cryptocurrency market.  This is because there are unsuccessful projects and those investors who were previously interested in the different projects are selling their crypto holdings.  They are not ready to hold it until the market resumes.

The current regulatory scenario is pretty uncertain.  This has, in turn, contributed to the cryptocurrency critics to talk bad about organizations and investors in the industry.

This is the scenario of those organizations that do not have sufficient funding.  Several good projects are capable of providing adoption.  There are blockchain developers from those well-funded organizations who are positive about their ability to instill adoption of the technology.

There several cryptocurrency based solutions that can be easily integrated into everyday life and payment protocols.  Rather than blaming the wrong, some enthusiasts are willingly looking to spend time by supporting projects that bring about real-world solutions.

Cryptocurrency is, in reality, more than hyped tokens.  It can bring in so much of value in several “business to business” and “business to customer” transactions.  Whether these currencies will forever increase in value is one part of the proposition. How this crypto can be put to everyday use is what makes it completely interesting. We need to look at the cryptocurrency concerning the utility it can provide for its users.

When the cryptocurrency is looked at from a utility point of view, the entire cryptocurrency space and the society will be able to appreciate the validity of the real use case.  There is a lot of hype around crypto and a lot of overvaluing too.  When these factors are deduced, the best of the breed cryptocurrency can be put to real-time use.

A majority of the investors consider the crypto as a store of value, and there are others who look at it as an investment instrument.  However, this is not exactly why these tokens were built for. They were built to enable utility transactions in the mainstream without having to spend on the middleman.

Payment focused use is what cryptocurrency is good at.  It can be flawlessly used in that area. The challenge now is about interchanging different types of cryptocurrencies when transferring the payments. Getting crypto for fiat and then using it to pay for consumer goods is the ultimate aim and use of the crypto, which will be realized with regulatory acceptance.

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