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Web 3.0 Blockchain Browser Launched

December 13, 2018 Off By Maheen Hernandez

Opera rolls blockchain browser to transact in the decentralized web known as Web 3.0.

Opera, therefore, is the first browser on the mainstream to come with features compatible for cryptocurrency powered by the blockchain technology.

This browser will enable users to be able to interact using the dApps, in turn, managing their digital identity and making other cryptocurrency based transactions.

The browser provides the users with access to blockchain backed services, thus enabling adoption of cryptocurrencies in the mainstream.

Krystian Kolondra, the VP and Opera executive, stated that the coming of the blockchain browser will thus facilitate the use of cryptocurrencies for actual payments than for just speculative investment.

The announcement of the coming of the crypto browser for the Android version from Opera was made in July 2018.

The Android version of the app was developed with a built-in wallet.  The company later told about bringing in a synchronization feature that permits wallet access from desktop browsers.

The browser has been ever since opened exclusively for specific beta testers in September.  They have been ever since fine-tuning the app ever since.

The developer is currently looking to release a desktop version of the crypto browser for Linux, Mac, and Windows.

The official launch of the browser is not yet clear, and the beta version is available already. For those who are just beginning, the Android Browser will be highly supportive of the Ethereum Network and the built-in cryptocurrency wallet.

Charles Hamel reportedly told hard fork that they are going to support Ethereum.  This is because they have the largest group of developers building the dApps. The dApps have gathered immense momentum.

While the browser will help to store Ethereum tokens and other ERC20 cryptocurrencies, the users will have to identify yet another storage solution for their Bitcoin and other non-ERC20 Altcoins.

Several cryptocurrencies are running in Ethereum. While Opera has stated that they are looking to provide support for different cryptocurrency protocols, they are not committing to make any announcements yet.

Apart from the Wallet feature, Opera is focusing on making it easy for users to browse on the Ethereum Network for dApps comfortably. The dApps market has been struggling to stimulate growth and retain users in the past due to the lack of a special browser. Now, with the coming of the blockchain browser with special extensions, browsing the decentralized web has gotten easier.

Hamel explained that they had made their browser “super user-friendly” when he was speaking to Hard Fork.

Now using Web 3.0 browsing dApps have gotten as easy as visiting with Google or Facebook using the Opera,” and they work faster than in all browsers that were previously available.