Why crypto exchanges are scoring over stock markets?

By Sydney Ifergan December 23, 2018 Off
cryptocurrency exchanges

While the stock marketplace still holds ground, the crypto exchanges seem to hold the key to the future. Aspiring investors seem to be in a dilemma on where to put their coins in- a crypto market or a stock exchange?

Well, both the exchanges do share some similarities between them. To start with, in both the stock & crypto exchanges, prices are determined by the principle of demand and supply. The other major similarity is both of them are valued on the basis of the idea or concept behind them.

However, market pundits are especially hopeful about a dominant presence of crypto exchanges over stock marketplace in near future.

A huge difference between the two marketplaces lies in the niche of profit-making opportunities. With stocks, high profit takes time to involve. On the other hand, the crypto scene is extremely volatile which translates to faster price swings. Thus, with crypto trading, an investor always has the opportunity to encash in bigger profits in a short time.

Besides, cryptocurrencies are universally accepted and hence crypto trading assures easy universal reach. But with stocks, you can’t trade a stock that’s not incorporated in your country.

Another big point where crypto exchanges score over stock marketplace is trade fluidity. Stock market involves a bevy of charges that eat much of the investment capital. These include broker charges, trading charges, taxes and so on. Moreover, with stock investment, the process is really time-consuming. You have to find a broker, open your Demat account and all these are both time and cost consuming.

But crypto trading is comparatively hassle free, faster and less expensive. You won’t have to find a broker or open Demat account here. A crypto investor simply needs to buy crypto coins from a trusted crypto exchange and then kickstart trading immediately. Yes, exchanges charge a commission but the comprehensive cost in crypto trading is always lesser than stock trading.

Trade.io is one of the fast emerging crypto exchanges that assures very nominal fee schedule. It does not demand any deposit fee from investors and charges a very minimal taker fee (0.1%) and withdrawal fee. Moreover, the exchange stands out with its exclusive full customizable interface and lightning fast execution speed. It’s a versatile exchange where one can not only trade its token TIOx and other crypto currencies but will also be able to trade CFDs, FX and global equities in near future. Trade.io has also impressed with its strong 24/7 support system.