Peter Yeo shared XinFin’s vision to support Korean market at Daejeon Convention, Korea on March 27, 2018

By Steven Anderson March 28, 2018 Off
XINFIN Daejeon Convention

XinFin, a Singapore based Blockchain Technology firm, attended the “Daejeon Convention Meet” held at Daejeon KTX Headquarters in Korea. Peter Yeo, Co-Founder at XinFin, talked about Blockchain technology at the event held on March 27, 2018 from 2.00 PM onwards to 5.00 PM. Peter introduced XDC Protocol and talked about Hybrid Blockchain Technology. He also discussed XDC’s utility and real-world applications along with company’s vision to extend its platform to the Korean market.

XinFin created Hybrid Blockchain and applications for trade and finance global industry. This technology is accessible, safe, permissioned and brings together the best qualities of Bitcoin, Quorum, and Ethereum. Peter is an esteemed member of the XinFin’s Blockchain Architecture.

The event was focused on the future path of blockchain technology. Speakers shared their opinions and vision related to blockchain industry. They also explained the problems their company have solved using this ground-breaking technology so far. Peter introduced XinFin’s XDC Protocol and talked about Hybrid Blockchain Technology. He also discussed XDC’s utility and real-world use cases.

Addressing the audience, Peter said, “The event has helped us in sharing useful insight and practical information about XinFin’s Hybrid Blockchain and XDC protocol which relates global trade, finance and energy fields with blockchain. This technology can be very effective for financial institutions and the flexibility of exchanges have increased its advantages.”

XinFin recorded great trading volume on popular exchanges such as Alphaex, KoinOK, Bancor, Etherflyer & Forkdelta and opened 20% higher than the Token Contribution Price. The company raised $15 million USD equivalent from its initial coin offering (ICO) recently which represents the common conviction of international user base regarding blockchain ecosystem. XinFin’s advisory board include many popular names from blockchain world such as Roger Ver, Mate Tokay & Jason Butcher.

About XinFin:

XinFin (, a Blockchain technology company, has built enterprise-ready Hybrid Blockchain and platform for global trade and finance. The company secured a partnership with Ramco Systems, a part of $1Billion USD Ramco Group of Companies, to deploy blockchain solutions for 500+ of its clients across HR, Supply Chain & Aviation sectors. XinFin launched its blockchain powered TradeFinex marketplace, at The Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India a.k.a. “Assocham” ( that will serve 450,000 participants.

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