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ETH based tokens and assets can be managed with dApps – Bitcoin ETF Trending Back on Track

February 16, 2019 Off By Steven Anderson

Resistance levels for Ethereum is noted at $8, $10, and $12.  Support levels were seen at $5, $3, and $1.

Mass adoption of decentralized finance, involves bringing in more users to the process.   The success of any system is all about bringing in more people in to the system.

Kulechov recently stated, “We need to approach adoption from an ecosystem point of view. You may be building a project related to decentralized finance. Each of these projects has a use case. But it is only if you connect these decentralized finance applications you can succeed in forming an ecosystem where users will be brought into the system.

The major focus of the app is not about mainstream adoption.  He further added that “decentralization is a matter of choice.”

There are decentralized users who have concerns about privacy, and Aave opines that it will be a good idea for developers to stay focused on these users.

dApps are growing in popularity.  The numbers of Ethereum based dApps are popular and growing in number. 

While there are several issues around finance based topics, “defi” apps on the Ethereum Network provide the users with a new set of tools that can be used to manage ETH based tokens and assets.

There has been a fitful start with Securities Exchange Commission where a fresh proposal for Bitcoin ETF is trending back on track.

There has been talks about the difficulty bomb trending over again with Ethereum.  There has been a lowest level of daily block reward with Ethereum, where the daily block reward issuance was recorded at 13, 131 ETH on Monday.  There has been a clear decline in the numbers of blocks that are produced on Ethereum per day.  Currently, it is at 4,500 blocks per day.  The difficulty bomb will be further delayed with Constantinople.

Schoedon stated “The bomb is an annoyance that no longer serves a purpose.” 

He further stated, “I personally don’t want to deal with the difficulty bomb anymore. Serenity is not happening this year and not next year. So why bother?”

Eric Conner added, “Early on it was true. I think the entire community and developer set is clearly focused on ethereum 2.0 –PoS, and at this point it’s more a motivator to always revisit upgrades and be forced to do something.”

Marcus Ligi, counter replied thus: “My fear is that without the difficulty bomb we might end up in a situation where system-wide upgrades gets difficult because people just do not update their software as there is no real need to do so.”