P2P Solutions Foundation ICO welcomes Sydney ifergan, another crypto heavy weight, into advisory  board.

P2P Solutions Foundation ICO welcomes Sydney ifergan, another crypto heavy weight, into advisory board.

February 25, 2019 Off Steven Anderson By Steven Anderson

P2PS, worlds first & only secure, interference-free, communications system, with a cryptocurrency that assists users in their transactions on the decentralized, secure, and interference-free, peer-to-peer communication platform, today excitedly announced that their Initial Coin Offering (ICO) has been very successful in attracting contributors as well as heavy weights from the crypto world into their advisory board. The P2PS ICO continues with its goal of reaching hardcap soon and further the development of their system initiated in 2010.

Anything that you exchange digitally with anyone, anywhere, is not private by any privacy standards; including information exchanged on your “private” intranet corporate networks.

Sydney Ifergan, founder of The Currency Analytics, joining our board of advisors shall certainly add to the growth of our project. Since Sydney is a digital marketing expert and a veteran of 20 years, having participated in over 50 ICOs till date, my team and I are sure that Sydney and his professional team will help our ICO reach its goals. All our team members join me in welcoming Sydney into P2PS” said Jameel Shariff, the CEO and Council Member.

Jameel Shariff further stated “Sydney and his team have been actively involved in helping our ICO in different ways the last couple of months. His expertise combined with his influence, passion and his dedication have boosted our spirits in an extended bear market phase. We are confident that through Sydney’s efforts P2PS should be able to reach hardcap soon”.

P2PS is a working product that is aimed at solving a serious global problem.

The purpose of P2PS ICO, brought to you by P2P Solutions Foundation, is to bring you a system through which you can exchange confidential digital assets or files with absolutely no interference from any third party, not even an administrator.

P2PS is a fully functional product that has no comparable substitutes, alternatives or parallels on a global level. P2PS uses a decentralized peer-to-peer system that is being leveraged by government and defense, digital education and delivery, medical and pharma, banking and finance, and other corporate sectors today.

For more information, visit: https://www.p2psf.org/.