Altcoins Have Lot of Catching Up To Do In Terms Of Providing For True Use Cases

By dan saada March 8, 2019 Off

What can I buy with Bitcoin, Ethereum, TCAT tokens or any other Altcoin is a subject matter of interest with increasing numbers of people getting interested in investing in cryptocurrency.  Thanks to the interest showed by institutional investors in cryptocurrency.

Almost all cryptocurrencies are now being made usable for commerce.  Though nascent, paying with cryptocurrencies has a huge promise to users.

Making a Donation, buying mining hardware, buying a car, are just a few to state uses. Those who are tired of trading their coins can use them to buy the coins.

VISA credit cards have been banned by Kroger due to high fees after which there is a widespread curiosity of whether they will accept cheap LTC.  If Litecoin is able to convince Kroger of their low-fee architecture, the price of Litecoin will undoubtedly increase from their spot rates.

Altcoins are referred to as Shit Coins by denizens.  They mean to say that any coin that is not a Bitcoin is not worthy at all. For that reason, even Ethereum and Litecoins are called Altcoins, and the newest TCAT tokens are also called as Altcoins. While it is true that all of them might not survive, there are several small Altcoins who are doing very well. So, it is about identifying which are the performing Altcoins.

Any coin that provides for a truly needed use case will be the survivor.  Something that pays for dental bills and several other real worlds and truly needed use cases; if there is some real use to it people are willing to use it.

Several Altcoins were money scams where the founders ran away with the money.  Some of them died with the funds in the hard wallets with no access to the details of the passwords. So, people are looking to buy Altcoins that will give them the value they have paid for.

While it is true that most of the coins will live, it is also true that many of them will die.  There are several Altcoin owners who do not know their private keys despite owning the coins.  Investors are becoming increasingly aware of the fact that if you do not own the private keys, you do not own the tokens.

Cryptocurrencies of all kinds grow and evolve all the time.  With the Litecoin reaching its 1000 coin milestone, it is already the Holy Grail for instant payments and scaling. Just like the Litecoin, there is a lot of catching up to do; however, that is ultimately what is expected. 

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