New Exrates 2.0 impresses with renewed UI design, improved safety & faster speed

By Sydney Ifergan March 31, 2019 Off

Exrates came up with a facelift lately and new Exrates 2.0 amazes with renewed cutting edge design as well as fixed bugs, enhanced safety, improved speed and optimum user experience.

Leading crypto exchange Exrates recently had a makeover and for all the amazing reasons. The new Exrates 2.0 stands out in the crowd with state of the art UI design, faster speed, improved safety and enhanced functionality. The platform will soon  implement IEOs in its new avatar.

“It’s a great moment for us to extend our all new Exrates 2.0 before you. We are a dynamic team who believes in evolving with changing times. The latest makeover echoes such ethos and we promise you a more enhanced experience with Exrates than ever before”, stated Sydney Ifergan, leading crypto expert and brand ambassador of Exrates.

The Exrates 2.0 opens up with a clean and smart dashboard featuring Graph and Markets at the top. Despite its dark background, intelligent use of font color makes everything easily legible. The new Exrates platform not only houses a brand new cutting edge layout but has also incorporated major changes in navigation and other areas of the platform.

“User satisfaction is fundamental to Exrates. We knew some users had mentioned about speed issues and hence we have taken steps to amp up the speed  this time. Our renewed platform is one of the fastest exchanges today. Moreover, we are extremely concerned about the security of our users. Our security experts had spotted some potential security bugs a while back and immediately we got all the bugs fixed  to ensure the safest experience for our users. The new Exrates 2.0 is all the things that you have been waiting for with your favorite exchange.”

Headquartered at Switzerland, Exrates is one of the leading crypto exchanges today. Founded in 2015, Exrates is a centralized multi-cryptocurrency trading portal where users can trade heavyweights like BTC as well as other emerging cryptocurrencies too. Unlike many other crypto exchanges, Exrates allows withdrawals in fiat too- added to cryptocurrency. Exrates is further known for its nominal commission percentage (0.20%)

“Exrates promises a true and trusted trading ambience for crypto users. We not only promise an extremely engaging and secured trading environment but also assure 24/7 customer care. You will always have us by your side in times of crisis.”

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