Facebook Doubles Down on Blockchain Hiring Spree

By Victor Ugochukwu April 1, 2019 Off
Facebook blockchain

Facebook is going full throttle on its talent hiring as regards it’s recently rumoured soon to launch cryptocurrency and venturing into the “Wild West” of the blockchain.

It has continued to put out listings wooing several talents to come out its new project. As seen on LinkedIn’s job listing section, Facebook is hiring to fill up 5 new positions after the rumour of its cryptocurrency went viral.

Facebook has put out new blockchain-related positions, all of which are based at the company’s Menlo Park HQ in California. These positions include production manager, business operations manager, quantitative ux researcher, growth product manager and a few others.

This is particularly interesting as the social media giant have been among the very few tech corporations that have achieved critical mass point and virtually control the whole industry (social media) with even the likes of Google’s G+ (Google plus) announcing its shut down due to its inability to compete in the social media industry.

Since the outcome of 2016 US Presidential Elections and the Cambridge Analytica scandal which exposed the unauthorized sharing of users information to a third party organization without seeking users consent to breach their costly user privacy, Facebook has been making the rounds in its attempt to quell the outrage that ensued.

It has even purported to apply the blockchain technology in user login and authentication shifting that vital component away from Facebook’s servers and thereby fostering the trust of more than 2 billion users of its platform that has been seen to largely diminish.

With these recent hiring and several news such as launching of its native cryptocurrency to power its cross platforms such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Messenger and Instagram and of course the recent proposed decentralized model of user login and authentication, Facebook may well be nursing a more aggressive ambition of remaining relevant and keeping its’ industry dominance intact or might be just another experiment which just might not go down well with its users.

This is definitely not a certain outcome to predict. All these are happening with Apple recently announcing the launch of its virtual card for its users to facilitate feeless transactions without expiry date stamped on the card, strongly sending a strong signal to tech companies who either facilitate or intend to launch a seamless payment option like Facebook has been rumored to be planning for about 4 months now.

It is definitely interesting to see this pool of blockchain talents being hired by giants like Facebook. Let’s keep watching how it will all unfold.

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