Collective Propulsion of the Price Due To Fresh Gains in the Cryptocurrency Market

April 8, 2019 Off By Maheen Hernandez

Cryptocurrency is already famous to the extent of being near-mainstream.  The Proof of Work has been done with cloud mining, CPU mining, GPU mining, and ASIC mining.  It is now about Proof of Stakes with most of the cryptocurrencies.  It is all about making a small income of a dollars, but this does not seem to be a reliable form of money making for many people.

Due to poor revenue figures triggered by the bear market ever since 2018, a Canadian Bitcoin mining firm laid off several employees. 

This has been due to a situation where “The price of power was going up, and the price of Bitcoin was going down.”

While there are a lot of things happening in the mining market, the rest of the cryptocurrency market is proceeding towards advancing strategic plans in order to develop innovative solutions using both hardware and software upgrades.

Renewable energy practices from across the world require the miners in industrial areas to establish their operations after being reviewed and approved for conditional use.   Further environmental issues are as well on the rise.

Bullish projections are triggered by collective propulsion of the price due to fresh gains in the market.  This propulsion spreads like a ripple effect from Bitcoin to other Altcoins like Ethereum, XRP, TCAT, XBASE etc.

ETH chart showed an uptrend from $84.92 through $105.5 with a subsequent minor uptrend at $105.5 to $134.9.  The trends showed a major decline from $220.7 to $146.5.  Resistances were noted at $179.4, and $213.4 and the support lines were at $118.3 and $102.2.

Bollinger bands diverged projecting a highly volatile period for ETH.  The MACD line also indicated a bullish trial above the signal line.  The Klinger oscillator was above the signal line projecting a bullish trend for TRX.  Awesome oscillator projected a bullish phase.  Chaikin money flow above the zero lines indicates money is flowing into the market.  With the Bollinger bands expanding a potential price break out is projected.

Several major digital currencies have made their way up from their yearly lows.  Is it perfect or if the rally will continue is something that the real-time market has to reveal?  While the blockchain technology and the cryptocurrency are groundbreaking technologies, it is indeed a hard time educating people about switching over to these systems.  People have a hard time giving up on their outdated systems and platforms.

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