TCAT secures berth in Mercatox-TCA grabs listing in Blockfolio news section

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The Currency Analytics token gets a place in Mercatox listing while its parent site The Currency Analytics has received an amazing number of votes for its “real” news which led to its selection in Blockfolio.

TCA is pleased to announce about the listing of its token TCAT  in the top crypto exchange Mercatox this month. But that’s not the only good news from the site. The leading crypto news portal has also grabbed an escalated numbers of votes for its news which have secured a berth for it in world’s most popular cryptocurrency portfolio tracker Blockfolio.

“It’s a great moment for us to announce our listing in Mercatox this month. Mercatox is a groundbreaking name in the world of crypto exchanges today and we have been looking forward to see our listing there for long. And to see it finally happening is definitely something very special for our entire TCAT team”, stated Sydney ifergan, ICO expert and founder of TCA.

Mercatox is an exclusive universal Multilanguage cryptocurrency exchange which allows trading in as many as 427 currency pairs and on popular cryptocurrencies.

“We are extremely particular about listing only the most potential cryptocurrencies on our platform. We believe in the power of TCAT and the sweeping change it’s going to bring in the crypto media world. We are glad to have TCAT on our list”, noted a leading spokesperson from Mercatox.

TCAT is a revolutionary crypto token developed with the mission to free the crypto media world from fake news. It’s based on the “REAL” protocol:

  • REAL news based on observed events
  • Ethical news written by committed, seasoned and impartial journalists
  • Attributive news which is only published after all the facts are thoroughly verified
  • Lasting news that can make positive contributions to the crypto community

“We are also glad to announce that our news have secured sufficient votes to get listed in Blockfolio. It’s no cakewalk to get included by the world’s most popular cryptocurrency portfolio tracker but to have it happen for our news speaks a lot about the premium quality of our work.”

“TCA is doing a fantastic job in weeding out fake news from the crypto media scene and replacing them with ‘authentic’ news written by real professional journalists.” stated @cryptomentor99

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