Mass Adoption: One Man’s Journey To Help Spread Crypto Awareness

By Crypto Mentor April 18, 2019 Off
mass adoption

This article is about a man named Jon Moore. I’ve been following Jon on Twitter for the past 18 months and he is a remarkable young man.  He lives in the United States and he is Vice President of a company named Nationwide Merchant Solutions.

Their website is Nationwide helps business owners and merchants process credit card payments. If you own a restaurant, bar, sporting goods store, or grocery store, Jon can help you set up a payment processing system. 

So, what does Jon’s story have to do with helping to spread mass adoption? Well, that’s a great question and here is where Jon’s story really begins. 

Jon first heard about cryptocurrency in 2013. It wasn’t until 2017, that he began investing and learning more about cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. One day, he experienced a $1,000.00 crypto transaction that took minutes to complete. At that moment, Jon realized the importance of what he just witnessed and the future implications this would have on our financial transactions, especially credit cards. Granted, changing the “mind-set” of merchants away from credit card payments and introducing them to cryptocurrency will take time. It could take decades but Jon is a visionary and can see the day where merchants will accept cryptocurrency on a routine basis. 

Without going into a lot of details, there are some major flaws with merchants accepting credit cards as a form of payment. Perhaps, I’ll write another article on that subject in the future. Jon could see the ease at which merchants could incorporate bitcoin or litecoin as a form of payment into their business. Business owners could now be offered a new and safer solution to replace the old system of accepting credit cards by using cryptocurrency.

Jon’s is on a mission to educate merchants about the many benefits of accepting cryptocurrency as a form of payment. He enjoys the one on one interaction of talking with small business owners to educate them on accepting bitcoin or litecoin to their customers. Jon is more than happy to talk to anyone who wants to learn more about cryptocurrency. He is a great teacher. 

Jon posts educational videos on Twitter about the benefits and long-term ramifications of using cryptocurrency as a form of payment. Every so often, he will post a video on a restaurant and other businesses that he has personally contacted that now accepts cryptocurrency. When Jon talks to people about cryptocurrency, he does not use hard to understand terms. He gives simple yet compelling reasons why using cryptocurrency as a form of payment in coming faster than we think. It’s only a matter of time, where we will see more and more business owners accepting cryptocurrency. If you’re on Twitter, consider following  @johnnylitecoin.

If you own your own a business or know of someone who might be interested in accepting bitcoin or litecoin as a form of payment, have them contact Jon.  

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