Wallets and Exchanges to be Fail-Safe and more Accountable with Regulation Attempts

By Steven Anderson April 18, 2019 Off

A monthly round-up from Stellar Lumens claims that Stellar has become the largest earn partner with Coinbase as they were giving away nearly 1 Billion XLM tokens.  IBMs World Wire cross border payment solution has been built on the Stellar Blockchain Network. STO Tokens backed by a new student building in Nottingham, England has been recently launched.

The Zion Wallet on the HTC Exodus Blockchain phone has recently provided support for XLM.  XLM currently has 2.36% in gains.  Momentum indicators show that a bearish continuation is possible in the short term.

When the price of Stellar Lumens is analyzed, the recovery signs are minimal, and the valuation continues to fall.  The prices are following the market correction patterns.

While cryptocurrencies are beginning to gain mainstream adoption, there is an overall lack of regulation.  The theoretical explanation provided for the technology is different from how it operates at a practical level by third-party operators and wallet builders.  Hackers and scammers exploited the industry considering it as a get rich option taking advantage of the hype that prevailed across the cryptocurrency industry.

Increasing numbers of attempts are being made to clear up the Wild West impression cast on the cryptocurrency industry.  This is being made possible by the real news attempts by startup entrepreneurs who are offering the TCAT tokens, which focuses mainly on promoting and publishing authentic information and true data about the cryptocurrency trends.

The fear of getting robbed of crypto assets is now widely prevalent.  With regulators stepping in, wallets and exchanges are having to be more accountable with regulation attempts.

Scammers were able to take advantage of the increasing numbers of cryptocurrency investors as there were little knowledge and understanding of the cryptocurrency space.  The new wave of adoption backed by little knowledge was indeed dangerous.  Therefore, despite improved adoption there continues to be panic and a fear of the bubble bursting.

The trend is getting better because people are beginning to study and explore the cryptocurrency.  They are far more educated, and they know how to identify good services versus the bad. For instance, the “Business Improvement Order” which was issued to be in strict and firm ensured that specific safety and security standards are ensured.

Regulators are stepping in to ensure that the ecosystem is made better.  This is a very important intervention to get rid of the Wild West impression that is cast upon the cryptocurrency industry. This move in Japan had several companies shutting down their shops as they were not able to meet up with the regulatory standards.