Enhanced Online Privacy Concerning Cryptocurrency Is a Right for Everyone

By dan saada April 21, 2019 Off
Online Privacy

It does not make sense to be using cryptocurrencies without facilitation for privacy.  And it is neither useful to own a cryptocurrency if it is not possible to trade it for something.

It should be useful to go about executing businesses on the web.  Privacy is not about spending facilities enabled online on the chain in particular networks.  It is about privacy when spending and sending cryptocurrency off the chain as well.

Privacy is not something that can be ticked off in just a day.  When on chain transactions will be recorded all the time on the distributed ledger, the privacy factor simply is not there. With the improvement in technology and innovation, it is going to be a real-time possibility to come up with a detailed picture of the activities of the cryptocurrency users for every transaction activity when this is the case the idea of privacy questionable.

“Enhanced online privacy is a right for everyone.”

In the regular cryptocurrency market, it is seen that the cryptocurrency bear market is winding down and it is in its final stage.  The market is currently in the accumulation phase. The analysis report that explained the accumulation phase stated:

“During the accumulation phase, the market will trade in a range: the weak hands, who are trying to get out of the market, take profit during rallies and thus create the resistance, and the strong hands, looking to accumulate, buy at the bottom of the range which eventually creates a floor in the piece.”

The key drivers in the cryptocurrency market are the millennials, and many of them are interested in anything cryptocurrency whether the TCAT tokens or the Bitcoins.  Recent research states that in the forthcoming five years there will be mass adoption of the Bitcoin. Currently, among the millennials, 43% of men and 23% of women are making their investments in cryptocurrency.

The millennials are different in their opinion about cryptocurrency when compared to those from the other generation.

Christopher Giancarlo, the CFTC commissioner, has recently praised Bitcoins.  He believes that cryptocurrency could have helped prevent the 2008 financial collapse.  He stated thus:  “Today I want to take stock of the existing state of blockchain technology and renew focus on how it can impact and improve the markets. To begin with, I want to take you back to September 2008, which was a perilous time in global financial markets. An enormous US housing bubble burst triggering a cascading global credit crisis. Concern was rife about imminent investment and commercial bank failure.”