Ambitious Investors Looking for the Best Buy for their Cryptocurrency Buck

By dan saada April 23, 2019 Off

Serena Williams when talking about her cryptocurrency investment recently stated “In 2014, (yes I know I can keep a secret) I launched Serena Ventures with the mission of giving opportunities to founders across an array of industries. Serena Ventures invests in companies that embrace diverse leadership, individual empowerment, creativity, and opportunity. Slide right to see a few brands in our portfolio.”

Serena has shown that traditional investors can place their money in the cryptocurrency market.  By her investment, she had encouraged investors to consider investing in virtual currencies.

Anyone who is investing in a cryptocurrency market will be considering every kind of token from Bitcoin through TCAT tokens.  While they might not have all the money to buy the whole lot, they are looking for the best buy for their buck.

Is Bitcoin a good investment? Is Litecoin a good investment? Is TCAT tokens a good investment?  And, the interrogation continues like an indefinite story concerning cryptocurrencies.

It is not always necessary to invest in giant coins.  There are investors who are making substantial profits by investing in penny coins. These coins are affordable, and it is possible for investors to make small profits from the highs and lows.  Beginners ideally go with penny coins.

Several cryptocurrencies which cost a dollar or less is a point of attraction among investors. It is true that the liquidity of Bitcoin is not comparable with any other of the cryptocurrencies. However, investing in any kind of cryptocurrency is considered to be super lucrative in comparison to all types of traditional investment tools.

Despite the 80% loss created by the cryptocurrencies for their investors during the crypto winter, it continues to be one of the better investment opportunities in the current trend.  There have been many investors who have made astonishing returns despite the bear market.

For instance, someone who invested in Bitcoin early would now be holding $1.3 million for their $100 invested in the exchange listing.

There are several Altcoins which provide with better ROI than other cryptocurrencies, even better than Bitcoin. A comparison of the Litecoin and Bitcoin chart would reveal that LTC is up more than 3 times versus Bitcoin.

Token sales are also one kind of investing in cryptocurrencies. There has been a lot of negative press around ICOs; regardless, investors have been getting excellent returns from token sales.  The BTT sale is a clear instance.  In just a matter of days, the value tripled and quadrupled in value.  Ambitious investors who invest in cryptocurrencies are making a good move indeed.