Cryptocurrency Conversations With My Grandson

Crypto Mentor By Crypto Mentor April 29, 2019 Off
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So many of us want to see mass adoption happen quickly within the cryptocurrency community. Our desire is to see more people using cryptos in their daily lives. There is still a long road ahead of us in getting cryptocurrency into the mainstream. So many of my friends have never even heard about bitcoin or blockchain. They think I’m crazy when I start talking about cryptocurrency and mass adoption. But there is one special person I know who is always eager to learn more about bitcoin and the other crypto projects. 

That special person is my grandson. He just turned 10 years old the other day. Since he was 8 years old, we have had many “crypto conversations.” He is full of questions about digital currency. It brings me great joy to know that I’m helping to spread mass adoption to my family. 

He is slowly but surely beginning to understand that cryptocurrency will be a normal part of his life when he grows up. Even though he is young, he is grasping the idea that fiat currency is manipulated and is declining in popularity across the globe. 

Just the other day, he wanted me to explain how a digital “wallet” works and how he could store tokens. He listened intently as I gave him a simple explanation for him to understand. I’m surprised at how well he listens to me and enjoys learning more about cryptocurrency. 

Last night, we watched a YouTube video about Cryptocurrency ATM’s. He was fascinated with the notion that you can buy cryptos from a machine. He is always asking me questions about bitcoin too. 

We hear and read so much about helping to spread mass adoption. Sometimes it might seem like an impossible task. I’m doing my small part by educating my grandson and other family members first. What a great place to start! 

What about you? Are you talking to anyone in your family about cryptocurrency? How are you helping to educate your family to prepare for the future financially? 

I love having “crypto conversations” with anyone I meet during the course of my day. As best I’m able to, I try to raise an awareness in people that the future lies in blockchain and digital currency. I’m not an expert by any means in cryptocurrency or blockchain. But I still enjoy asking people simple questions such as, “Have you ever heard of cryptocurrency?” This usually gets the conversation started. 

I would encourage you to begin a crypto conversation with your family! Ask them questions. You can help spread mass adoption and cryptocurrency awareness with the people you love! They will be thankful you did.

Go start a crypto conversation today! You’ll be glad you did.

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