Pre-Built and Hosted Bots to do Cryptocurrency Trading

Steven Anderson By Steven Anderson May 3, 2019 Off

Investors do not have the time to keep watching the trend charts all day.  They prefer to work with crypto-trading strategies which will run automatically.  This is true with traders who are investing in Bitcoin and those buying TCAT tokens alike.

Without the needed patience and emotional detachment, during downtimes, it is easy for investors to make decisions based on personal preferences.

Investment goals, timelines, market data feeds and the ability to back test are all crucial for those who are investing in the cryptocurrency tokens to make profits.

The algorithm is a trend that is catching up against the manual trading trend in the cryptocurrency market place.  The software will be trading based on user-defined strategies.  The conditions specified by the user can be amount-specific, volume-specific, time-specific, and also based on other kinds of market dynamics.

Several pre-built and hosted bots are available in the market.  These bots save the time of traders.  While the options are endless, working on strategies tried and tested are available from professional analysts.  These strategies are to trading methods by developers into bots. However, a bot is a help in the trading process; it is not a replacement for the investor. Sometimes bots can be run separately and sometimes in a merged fashion to make your manual trading decisions.

Some bots implement a single strategy at a time, and there are those that apply multiple strategies in a single shot.

Oscillators are technical indicators that range between the upper trend and the lower trend. They are the moving averages, relative strength index, moving averages, and Bollinger bands.

Automatic trading strategies in bots are constructed using all of these indicators.  There are customizable bots which can be programmed to suit one’s trading requirements.

These automatic bots have strategies to deal with extreme price swings and unexpected price trends in the market.  They comprise of reversal strategies and counter trends.

Those who are interested in arbitrage trading in the cryptocurrency market can identify the price differences in exchanges for a particular token type and make their trading decisions accordingly.  Bots are specially designed to scan the prices in different exchanges to execute the trading decisions strategically.  They can help calculate the price differential quickly.

Just like in the regular trading process, these bots come with an array of options like weighted price average strategy, index fund rebalancing, scalping strategies, statistical arbitrage strategy and a range of other strategies.