Understand the Micro-Structure of the Cryptocurrency Market – We do not Completely Understand what creates the Risk

Maheen Hernandez By Maheen Hernandez May 6, 2019 Off
Cryptocurrency Market

A future expense is one of the primary reason for why one would want to invest.  Another likely reason is that some might not want their savings to sit idle.  Investment decisions are made based on what you are looking to get done.

An assessment of the goals and objectives is the primary requisite to determine investment plans. Which token you should choose depends upon the purpose for which you are investing?

Arlene Roberts, Fidelity Spokeswoman, stated, “We will continue to roll out our services over the coming weeks and months based on our clients’ needs, jurisdictions, and other factors. Currently, our service offering is focused on Bitcoin.”

Liquidity matters the most. It is the pricing risk that leads to all the crisis.  Understanding the microstructure of the cryptocurrency market is essential to understand the liquidity.  The company should ensure that there is enough money available in the treasury to provide for the liquidity requirements of investors.

In a cryptocurrency market, the price variables are not clearly defined.  The ability to pay the money, when they are due is essential in any organization. Whether the company has got a buffer to deal with financial distress is a major part of liquidity management.

A liquidity crisis is related to solvency or liquidity.  If the investment is for a particular need, it is only wise to invest in cryptocurrencies which are accepted as valid payments.  The acceptance factor of the token is to be taken into consideration.

Small value tokens are for those who are not completely sure of cryptocurrencies but have a practical acceptance of its merits. Those who are looking to get a gist of the market can get small value tokens.

Overnight success in the cryptocurrency market is not an everyday happening.  It is a rare happening.  It is a highly volatile market, and a new investor should put in a lot of time to understand the market.

Cryptocurrency is not only about Bitcoin, and several tokens are small value tokens but more successful than Bitcoin when it comes to profit-making for its investors.  The DLT is susceptible to hacks.  The advantage is there will be valid immutable proof for the hack. Investors need to be cautious about how they store their crypto and how they carefully store their private keys.  Private keys lost means money lost. Risks are related to cryptocurrency market in a way we have not clearly understood it to date.