DECOIN launches exchange packed with several benefits, including discounted trading fee & revenue sharing

Steven Anderson By Steven Anderson May 7, 2019 Off
decoin exchange

DECOIN exchange is one of the fastest exchanges in the current market and comes with a  bunch of solid features like high end security, special referral program, discounted trading fees etc.

DECOIN is pleased to announce the recent launch of its much-awaited DECOIN trading exchange. The launch was at par with the company’s roadmap and the new exchange promises excellent security and a host of lucrative benefits for the DTEP coin holders.

Leading crypto expert Sydney Ifergan, who was previously one of the senior advisors of DECOIN, has currently joined as the CMO of the new DECOIN exchange.

Based on an independent blockchain, the DECOIN exchange carries a revenue sharing facility where 20% of transaction revenues (20%) will be given to DTEP coin holders who have registered on the exchange. DECOIN has also announced “0” trading fees for the initial couple of months. After that, DTEP coin holders will receive up till 50 percent discount on trading fees.

The newly-launched exchange offers great opportunities for social trading where traders can share killer trading strategies and get rewarded in DECOINs. It’s certainly a huge high for active traders and will help to assure continuous liquidity for the exchange. Social trading will also allow new traders to learn pro strategies from seasoned traders.

DECOIN  exchange further guarantees high security with multi-factor authentication for all trading & withdrawal activities, cold wallet storage for 97% funds and solid insurance backup for the remaining 3%. The exchange is one of the fastest exchanges in the world and counts on multi-regional hosting to prevent downtime issues.

Mr. Ifergan is hopeful to see DECOIN exchange in the list of top 20 crypto exchanges by the end of this year. As per his statements, the marketing plan and marketing budget ($1.5 million) have already been finalized and the whole team has just started with the promotional activities at a steady pace.

“Yes, we haven’t been able to accumulate too many buyers yet but that’s because we are not into ‘manipulating’ people. We believe in inspiring and we are confident that the amazing features of our exchange will soon motivate lines of fellow traders to join us. At DECOIN, we believe in getting clean traffic, step by step”, noted Mr. Ifergan.

The DECOIN team aspires to utilize every media & social media, conduct campaigns, host conferences and launch new coins every week to inspire the entire crypto community for fast registration. They aim to double up the trading volume and number of traders every month.

“We are banking on strategies like price lockup and free commissions for couple of months.

In addition, we have a great referral program that people have already started using and it will help us bring more and more new users. We are confident to get more traders in the coming few days that will render a steady push to our trading volume.”

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