Gigantic Spikes and Biased Reversals are frequent in Cryptocurrency Markets

By Maheen Hernandez May 9, 2019 Off

There are a few lesser-known cryptocurrencies, which make plenty of loss — a Japanese Content Token. JCT recently made a 700% gain in just 2 hours.  A Singapore-based blockchain firm has issued the JCT.  There was a small downside correction by 16% after the 700% spike.  The small coin climbed as high as $0.362.  Eventually, traders were exiting their position after making some surplus intraday gains.

Such things do happen with small tokens without any previous history of price explosions. Several crypto tokens like the TCAT tokens or JCT which is not being noticed by an average investor make decent gains.

The fundamentals to such gains are the times when the larger capitalization coins are recovering to their best prices. However, consequential potential dumps are inherent to such spikes. And, investors should work on a smart stop loss position when working on such coins as they might do with any giant coins.  When massive spikes happen bias reversals are frequent in cryptocurrency markets.

Fair launches are where the project leaders do not raise funds via initial coin offerings (ICOs) to power the technology with the seed funds. Several projects rely on voluntary donations and crowdfunding. Recently, Grin, a cryptocurrency market received voluntary funding of $300,000, which is a sign that such a model of cryptocurrency projects do work.

Going forward, the funds from donations get to be used for project needs like deploying the critical infrastructure, developing the website design, developing on the marketing process, mining the hardware design and a lot of other things that need the doing.

When these small tokens grow as big as Bitcoin or Ethereum, they discuss core upgrades like what Vitalik Buterin stated, “As Ethereum 2.0 clients get closer to live testnets, they’re going to need a way to pass information back and forth between each client. This occurs over a set of links called the wire protocol.”

With the Ethereum network, Buterin has to say that, the wire protocol has a mini-language, which defines how the messages get transmitted across the network. These protocols are known as gossip networks.

Buterin stated, “For bitcoin and ethereum 1.0, they’re both what we call gossip networks. Anything that’s broadcasted eventually reaches everyone, but for [ethereum 2.0] we can’t do that because there are more total messages than any single node can download.”

Whether for Giant well-developed coins, or smaller new coins, the nascent technology has a lot of room to grow. The spikes and reversals are just lower trends in the grand scheme of things.