Bitcoin Hasn’t Found Equilibrium Yet – Black Swan Events Not Persistent

By Steven Anderson May 11, 2019 Off

The current discourse among cryptocurrency enthusiasts is about whether the altcoins are a better investment when compared to the Bitcoin. 

Roger Ver, Bitcoin Cash Promoter stated, “Bitcoin Cash will outperform Bitcoin in a few years.”  He further said, “I am not so optimistic about Bitcoin anymore. Bitcoin had a big network effect, but its usefulness isn’t very good. The value or the use of Bitcoin went out of trend as the scalability issue arose. The transaction fees on the Bitcoin network became so high that it became impractical to use today.”

Investors are willing to look well beyond Bitcoin.  Cryptocurrency brokers are looking to be competitive these days.  They are supporting several kinds of cryptocurrencies because there is a growing focus on alternative cryptocurrencies like TCAT tokens, Kraken, Stellar Lumens and more. There are many different types of them.  Some are centralized and privately maintained coins, which are issued privately.

After witnessing Bitcoin climb the price trend, several crypto analysts have projected death for Altcoins. It is easy to get into an air of overdoing when you hear that there are roughly 250 meaningful crypto coins.  There are many which are dead and are not set to come back for whatever reason.

Brian Kelly, founder, and CEO of BKCM stated, “A word of caution, timing the flows from these retail behemoths may prove to be tricky.”  This was said when talking about the unexpressed demand among retail investors for cryptocurrencies.

Jeff Dorman, Chief Investment Officer, stated that “Bitcoin hasn’t found equilibrium yet.” Dorman also opined that the black swan type events provide for tail risk, but are not persistent.  The positives are game-changing events in the long-term which will lead to sustained growth.

Nouriel Roubini, the Economist, calls the cryptocurrencies as “mother and father of all bubbles.” This he stated when he was debating with Michael Novogratz, who called the current Bull Run as “a small miracle.”

For all practical reasons, it is possible to consider that only 30 coins are operating correctly on any scale in the cryptocurrency industry. Most of these crypto coins follow the outline of Bitcoin. Some of them are Bitcoin like and are so-called altcoins.  When considering the top 100 of all the crypto instruments, Bitcoin alone contributes to 53% of its value.  Considering the top 100 instruments Altcoins cover for 73% in total market cap.

The acceptance and utility are that which creates a demand for cryptocurrency as money. Regardless, the crypto market is tiny for now.

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