Long Term Cryptocurrency Profits Exert Dominance – Pursue Vertical Business Opportunity

Steven Anderson By Steven Anderson May 17, 2019 Off

When it is about investing in cryptocurrency whether, with Bitcoin, Ethereum, or TCAT tokens, the question and concern are whether it should be a short-term or long-term investment process.  Investment intelligence always calls for long-term profits than short-term profits.   Long term cryptocurrency profits are those that exert the most dominance.

Vijay Boyapati, recently stated, “Five years from now it will be widely recognized that the major financial players in the “cryptocurrency space” (mostly exchanges) made a strategic error in pursuing a horizontal business opportunity rather than a vertical one.” 

He further added, “In the next few years, I believe it will become obvious that those companies that pursued the long-term strategy of financialization atop Bitcoin will be the strongest (perhaps only) players left in the space. They will become the JP Morgans of the 21st century.”

Ethereum (ETH) bulls have set their target at $300 and $400.  Ethereum (ETH) adds to 55 percent in the last week

Blockchain-based cryptocurrency is to function in a decentralized manner per design.  This is meant to make all the operations transparent.  And, the end users become the makers.

The overall crypto market valuation crosses $130 billion.  Majority of the cryptocurrency trading is from centralized crypto-to-crypto or crypto-to-fiat exchanges.  Giving up on the control of tokens and depositing them is the core of all the problems.

Candlestick patterns show that ETH has been up by 13.5% and 55% with ETH being in the top 10.

The traditional bull breakout pattern points to more of upsides.  Bulls are taking charge, and new highs are expected for several tokens.  The fundamentals are supporting and favorable in this regard.  The momentum is slowly building up.  The Technical indicators are ranging wide with high volumes for ETH at 537k.

These are correct points in time to be an active cryptocurrency trader. Even those who do not have explicit knowledge about the crypto-market will be able to know now where the markets are heading to. It is difficult to point out as to why the price of a particular token will go up.  For now, the pattern is such that when the best currency move up, the smaller Altcoins moves up as well.

When it comes to indicators, there are never enough indicators that traders can use to predict the bull or bearish trend forthcoming.  The overall growth is kept in check not by just a few investors but by the global market in combined action.