Masternode setup gets easier and faster than ever with Pocket Node

By Sydney Ifergan May 20, 2019 Off

Masternodes are at the crux of PoS blockchain technology. It has come up as a viable alternative to mining in recent times and for all the great reasons. A masternode allows instant transactions and also protects privacy of transactions. However, masternode setup seems to be a time-consuming and complex affair. It usually demands sophisticated tech knowledge from the user and such stringent requirements have prevented many aspiring crypto enthusiasts from starting their Masternode journey. But, one company is trying to make things more convenient in the Masternode scene.  This new-age company is “Pocket Node” and it has developed an innovative system that allows you to start Masternodes through a“one-click” setup.

Masternode setup in just a click

Masternode setup through Pocket Node is as easy as 1-2-3.

  • Users will have to select coin from a list of registered coins
  • Then, they will configure it and deposit a certain sum of collateral coins
  • Their masternodes will start in just a click

Ethos of inclusivity

As per leading crypto expert Mr. Sydney Ifergan, Pocket Node’s breakthrough Masternode setup is all set to redefine the usual notions about Masternode and for better. In fact, Pocket Node is driven by the ethos of inclusivity in the contemporary Masternode scene which was not exactly viable since the inception of the technology.

“What I especially loved about Pocket Node is its attempt to bring inclusivity for every interested participant in the Masternode scene-regardless to his technical knowledge or financial background. It allows anybody with basic tech knowledge to set up a Masternode”, stated Ifergan.

The Pocket Node founders observed that the usual complicated process involved with Masternode creation demands highly advanced computer skills as well as countless YouTube streams. Such rigid requirements prevent many aspiring crypto enthusiasts to join the scene given their lack of technical knowledge. It eventually spells bad for the entire crypto industry as it keeps the whole concept limited to a handful of people only. And that prevents the crypto industry from experiencing a wider reach. They realized that the crypto-ecosystem can only move forward if it can cut down on the barriers to entry. Pocket Node enables users to start masternodes conveniently as well as to support the crypto networks without complications.

Unique features:

Comprehensive & Easy Interface– Pocket Node reveals each crucial detail of user’s Masternode. A user here would be able to check his Masternode status, active time, payout and so on.

Easy set-up & design– Pocket Node allows anybody with just a smartphone and stable internet connection to setup Masternode.

Passive income– Users will enjoy handy passive income by supporting validations & transactions on blockchain.

Powerful support– Pocket Node assures 24/7 support.

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