Identifying the Actual Manipulator of Bitcoin Price – Bitcoin Transaction Mixer Website

Steven Anderson By Steven Anderson May 24, 2019 Off
Bitcoin Hype

The next break is nearing in the Bitcoin market. Meanwhile, extensive investigation is called for in different countries to determine the “who is information” about the actual manipulator of the Bitcoin price.

Bitcoin is not anything more than a confidence game according to critics.  Bitcoin will be worth nothing if people lose their confidence in the token.  Any real-world asset does not back the token.

Investigators from the Securities Exchange Commission, IRS, and the Homeland Security often witness representatives who defend the Bitcoin action.

Mario Draghi, head of the European Central Bank recently stated, “Cryptocurrencies or Bitcoin, or anything like that, are not currencies — they are assets. A euro is a euro — today, tomorrow, in a month — it’s always a euro. And the ECB is behind the euro. Who is behind the cryptocurrencies? So they are very, very risky assets.”

Cryptocurrencies do not have intrinsic values, and therefore, they are not currencies.

Powell opines that its real worth is $0.  He has been backing this opinion when the value of Bitcoin was $20,000 when it went low down to $4000, and now when the cost is climbing back up.

Bitcoin is now hovering at $7,500; the new price has become a new normal. Bitcoin is looking towards the next catalyst for its price boom.  Investors are watching the Bitcoin Halving event, and analysts are predicting that the Bitcoin will return to the all-time highs.  The price in expected to go high in anticipation of the halving.

Veteran investors who were previously dismissive of the long-term value of Bitcoin are turning towards Bitcoin.

A Bitcoin transaction mixer website is seized by the Dutch Financial Criminal Investigative Service.    This occurred during a crackdown which involved the Europol and other authorities.

This is the “first law enforcement action of its kind against such a cryptocurrency mixer service,” according to Europol statement.  The police have seized six servers which are based in Luxembourg and Netherlands.

The Best mixer has advertised their money laundering services, and they have falsely claimed to be domiciled in Curacao.  They claimed it was a legal service there.  However, the reality was that they have been operating in Europe, and they were servicing customers from different countries across the world.  

The Europol has stated that the investigation is not complete.  The authorities are intending to follow up on the information which has been gathered from the server seizures that have taken place this week.